Saturday, September 5, 2015

ZF's Saturday AW Citizen Build Announcements

Again, as this is something I've only recently introduced into the blog, there's not a whole lot here. But, if you have any build (yours or a WOW sorts of unknown find) you wish people to check out, please send me a gram.  I'd be most grateful, (think PTZ,) as I could really use your help,
  • First there is SirGreendown's AWteen OY build. A must know for help with your AWteen build. Beware, this may take you a very long time to check out, as it has been proclaimed to be the largest in the known ActiveWorld's universe: 

AWTeen 2439.07S 3557.02W 0.00a 359

  • SaintlyMic has announced the completion of his maze build.  So be sure to come by, check it out, and let him know how much you like it.  It may just amaze you:

AW 2026.94N 7496.85E 2.00a 269

  • Bach Zhaa is busy on yet another build, which I'm sure will be an outstanding tour when completed.  If you'd like to get a preview, your welcome to stop by for a look see: 

AW 7911.72S 1405.89E 1.45a 3

  • The AW museum is currently seeking exciting historical builds from 1999 and 2000.  Kenneth has completed the 1997 AW Museum dome, and is currently working on the 1998 dome.  You may wish to stop by as well.  These teleport filled domes are always helpful in gleaming build ideas from:

AW 11877S 2016.3W .3a 180

That's it for this Saturday.  Send me a gram, if you find anything for next Saturday's posting.


TGIF 9/2/2015

So, last night's TGIF was held at a new club in OklahomaTraveler's amusement park build, were the fun never stops.  As you will see in this weeks chat log below that there was a rather large turnout.  And, there was much more revealing information regarding OklahomaTraveler and his builds.  As you might expect, it was a bit more than I was able to provide in my limited impromptu tour this week. (Click here to view that post.And this may surprise some of you reader, but even Bach Zhaa had high praise for this build.  

As usual, I was far too tired to chat much, but it is always a good thing just to be present and accounted for.  Here is the captured log: 

RaD007:    i think im here lol
MeL:    Howdy RaD  =)
RaD007:    howdy :)
MeL:    Howdy Grenden  =)
Grenden:    hi MeL
memyself:    whats in your coffee treesaw lol :)
Bach Zhaa:    COFFEE  O_O  Good idea
RaD007:    lucky charms is in  trees coffe
Grenden:    hi OT and Rad
TaLon56:    :O so did I sip sip sip
memyself:    not me sillyputty
TaLon56:    Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
TaLon56:    You Better Move
RaD007:    hey gren
TaLon56:    It's Goin Down
RaD007:    brb
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Grenden, Rad!!
MeL:    hb Rad
TaLon56:    My Uncle Sonny was a Major in the Sheriffs department
memyself:    does cartwheel in mid air
TaLon56:    He lost an eye
Bach Zhaa:    ((((((((((((((((((OT)))))))))))))))))))))))
TaLon56:    so he got a glass one
TaLon56:    on the reverse side was the American Flag
SirGreendown:    LOL the Cleveland Browns will probably cut Dwayne Bowe, who we cut this offseason and replaced with Jeremy Maclin LOL!!!
OklahomaTraveler:    BACH!!
MeL:    he went to get coffee
RaD007:    bk
MeL:    wb
TaLon56:    Avatar is a Good Movie
RaD007:    ty
MeL:    wb bach
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, shoot.. is he bringing enough back for the rest of us??
TaLon56:    Going Fishing Mondo?
MeL:    now thats a Hog,  haha
RaD007:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Bach, hey, no bikes on the dance floor!
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    parked it   ^_^
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks for that.. I hope it's not leaking anything.. hate to have my nice floors scuffed up!
Bach Zhaa:    me or the bike?  o_o
MeL:    ahaha
OklahomaTraveler:    Umm.... I ain't sayin a word. :P
MeL:    Join the Fun with the TGIF Party at "The Game Expo"  in Alpha, "Sept-4th @ 11:45 pm vrt",.
RaD007:    lol
CharleyO:    OT is gonna scuff up the floors with Bach???
Bach Zhaa:    lol
CharleyO:    and hello Everyone!
MeL:    haah Howdy Charley
Bach Zhaa:    im thinkin so  ;o
RaD007:    hey charley
memyself:    imagine if people stood around on billboards and such in rl lol
OklahomaTraveler:    :O I'm not that mean.. yet.. LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Me, hey, it could happen!
Grenden:    hi Charley
memyself:    yes ...nooo
SirGreendown:    what all has gone on in AW today that is newsworthy?
memyself:    hi sillyputty
memyself:    :)
OklahomaTraveler:    Green, I arrived.. isn't that enough? :P
SirGreendown:    other than Darian Knight showing up and the possibility of 6 months of no MRRM in AW
Grell Sutcliffe:    Did he get banned?
Grenden:    Has he been banned?
Grenden:    jinx
SirGreendown:    that's about all I caught of what he said, I pretty much ignored chat when he was on
Grell Sutcliffe:    I said did, you said has
SirGreendown:    oh no, he decided himself to leave for 6 months
Grenden:    close enough
MeL:    riiiiight SiRg
OklahomaTraveler:    If the dance floor looks white, set your visibility to 120 and step on in.. :)
Grenden:    Won't he be bored without AW?
MeL:    haha
RaD007:    is anyone  gonna miss MRRM
OklahomaTraveler:    I will!
SirGreendown:    nope, I sure won't
RaD007:    :)
CharleyO:    I will !
Grell Sutcliffe:    He's decent to me.
OklahomaTraveler:    He was fun to mess with.. :P
Grenden:    He can be funny.
RaD007:    his  favorite line  is  your all boring
OklahomaTraveler:    Ok, don't call me names.. :O
memyself:    i guess that takes practice to pull off ...potshots
SirGreendown:    I've gotten tired of him lately, it's always the same with him, lately I've started to leave or just simply ignore AW and look on the Internet when he's on
OklahomaTraveler:    Sometimes that's best.. LOL
Grenden:    Sometimes sarcastic people only put down people they like.
Mouxi:    Hello
RaD007:    hello
Grell Sutcliffe:    Hi
Mouxi:    wow is nice :)
Grenden:    hi Mouxi
Bach Zhaa:    ho Mouxi
MeL:    Howdy Mouxi  =)
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Mouxi!
Bach Zhaa:    hi
OklahomaTraveler:    I guess everyone likes me then. :D
CharleyO:    Dance Grell Dance
Grell Sutcliffe:    No, thank you.
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Kah!
memyself:    i just want to be left alone lol :P
KahLess:    Hi OT
MeL:    Howdy Kahless  =)
RaD007:    hi kahless
CharleyO:    bring that scythe out on the dance floor and dance with OT
Bach Zhaa:    lol
MeL:    hahaha
Grenden:    hi KahLess
Bach Zhaa:    we'll pay you
KahLess:    Evening all
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    :O
CharleyO:    Hi kahless
CharleyO:    LOL Bach
memyself:    aw is a bunch of connected web pages
Bach Zhaa:    I love your balls OT
OklahomaTraveler:    Thank you very, very much!  It's fun to bounce them around..
KahLess:    O_O
CharleyO:    LOL Bach
Bach Zhaa:    their so big  :D
Grell Sutcliffe:    *facepalm*
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    I like big balls.  They were smaller, but I grew them.
Bach Zhaa:    Ive been playing with the one all night,  that ok?
KahLess:    Ahh okay
OklahomaTraveler:    That's fine.. but the others might get jealous!
Grenden:    To each his own:)
Bach Zhaa:    ill get to them soon enough
OklahomaTraveler:    Everything working alright?
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Bach
MeL:    seems to be
KahLess:    Thank goodness this week is over. I thought it would never end.
OklahomaTraveler:    Awesome!
MeL:    TGIF !
OklahomaTraveler:    Kah, I know the feeling.. still have a bunch of work to get done but it can wait.. It's party time. :D
SirGreendown:    Thursday afternoon was sort of a turning point in the week though
RaD007:    the turning point was rain lol
SirGreendown:    from the beginning of the week until then it was rough, esp. Wednesday
OklahomaTraveler:    For me.. wait, I haven't had a turning point yet. :O
KahLess:    Last weekend went by like a snap, but this week seemed to drag.
OklahomaTraveler:    We could use some rain here.
SirGreendown:    since Thursday afternoon things have been amazing
MeL:    it always does kahless haha
SirGreendown:    hi Mouxi
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Mouxi!
KahLess:    Hehe. Well at least I have a long weekend.
Grenden:    Great party guys - have fun! I'll be back sometime tomorrow.:) ttyl
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a great one Grenden!  Thanks for coming!
MeL:    take it easy Grenden
KahLess:    Tc Grenden
memyself:    sillyputty your speech is slurred
RaD007:    nite gren
SirGreendown:    tc Grenden
Grenden:    cya tc
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night Grenden
Bach Zhaa:    goodnight Grenden
SirGreendown:    I went to some cool builds on Mars today
OklahomaTraveler:    There's a few, but most of them are older.
SirGreendown:    I went a certain person here's Colony at Sci-Fi which is a cool area with a couple Physics games
KahLess:    Anyone still build there anymore?
SirGreendown:    I do KaHless
KahLess:    Cool
SirGreendown:    Mars has the prims and panels and Che Freebies, so it has a decent OP
OklahomaTraveler:    I did several months ago.
OklahomaTraveler:    I just don't like the sky. LOL
SirGreendown:    no v4's and a low cell limit, but I can manage
SirGreendown:    I can deal with any sky tbh
Bach Zhaa:    yah,  mars op is decent..
OklahomaTraveler:    They used to have v4's.. ?
SirGreendown:    v4's with rights on Mars OT
OklahomaTraveler:    That's right.. I used to have rights. :|
Bach Zhaa:    well, when they gave out rights as prizes, mars was part of that.  I won rights there..  but the rights were never made public after the switch
MeL:    hmm
OklahomaTraveler:    hmm
SirGreendown:    the account you built Colony at Sci Fi is still called Urbane Chaos OT
Bach Zhaa:    u explain that   lol
CharleyO:    hmm?
OklahomaTraveler:    No.. I let a friend use the account while I was gone and they...well... yeah, I don't have it anymore. :|
OklahomaTraveler:    That's still a sore subject!
CosmicTruth:    happy friday
CharleyO:    Some friend, huh?
OklahomaTraveler:    Happy TGIF! :D
CosmicTruth:    happy friday
Bach Zhaa:    TGIF!
CharleyO:    Hi CT
SirGreendown:    yeah, but you do have another account that is called Urbane Chaos still
MeL:    Howdy Cosmic
OklahomaTraveler:    Charley, exactly..
SirGreendown:    hi CosmicTruth
Bach Zhaa:    hey CT
OklahomaTraveler:    Green, not that I know of.  Unless it was changed back, which would make me very happy!
Bach Zhaa:    brb
MeL:    hb
RaD007:    hb
SirGreendown:    Urbane Chaos - 366165
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks for the warning.
OklahomaTraveler:    Green.. :O
OklahomaTraveler:    Can you gram that to me?
SirGreendown:    you built a build on Mars with it, Colony at Sci-Fi that is actually listed on the AWPortals Mars Homepage with coords
MeL:    You popped a pig!   ? hahaha
OklahomaTraveler:    I know.. it was a cool place at the time, it's kinda broke now.
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Mel, someone playing Angry Birds?
MeL:    hhaha
CosmicTruth:    what a fun place
SirGreendown:    I also found Tsukasa's map of Mars
SirGreendown:    and also found Veger's New Mars Central
OklahomaTraveler:    Plinko is funny, when someone's playing that it it comes up with random weird settings. LOL
SirGreendown:    Dagim saw that
OklahomaTraveler:    Cosmic, thanks!  There's about 40 games here so far, I think..
SirGreendown:    the newer Mars Central heavily utilizes Matfx and Prims
OklahomaTraveler:    I wanted to make something unique where I could come and just hang out and play. :D
SirGreendown:    it's near the current Northwest Edge of Mars
OklahomaTraveler:    :O I'm missing swords in here..
CharleyO:    OT ... this light/video show is freaking me out .... in a good way!
MeL:    hahah
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Charley, suggestion, quit taking so much of that illegal stuff. :P
CharleyO:    LOL ... but ... but ...........................................
RaD007:    bb tomorrow  nite all
SirGreendown:    the sad thing is Mars was one of the first worlds to get an expansion, it was expanded from p-1000 to p-2000 in 2004, yet there is next to nothing in the expanded areas
Grell Sutcliffe:    Has jac been back since last week?
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a good one RaD!
MeL:    night RaD
CharleyO:    G'night rad ... sleep well
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night Rad
RaD007:    o/
Mouxi:    I go to the bed
OklahomaTraveler:    I haven't seen him, but then again, I've been off in my own little world.
Mouxi:    Byebye :-)
SirGreendown:    nite folks that are leaving
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night Mouxi
MeL:    Howdy Toxor
Mouxi:    *poof*
CharleyO:    G'night Mouxi ... sleep well
Toxor:    Hiya MeL
OklahomaTraveler:    Join the Fun with the TGIF Party at "The Game Expo"  in Alpha, "Sept-4th @ 11:45 pm vrt",.
SirGreendown:    you know what is really awesome, when TommysZ and James were speaking Dutch last night, they were kind enough to put English translation along with it
OklahomaTraveler:    Does that mean we have to start putting Dutch translations next to everything?
MeL:    out of luck there
CosmicTruth:    yes and learn to speak spanish
KahLess:    Hope not. I don't know Dutch.
MeL:    haha
SirGreendown:    since James and Tommy speak English as if they were native speakers, I'd say no OT
OklahomaTraveler:    What if I just started throwing out a lot of random letters.. think they'd get the idea?D :D
KahLess:    lol
MeL:    Howdy Alpha
OklahomaTraveler:    What do ya'll think of the dance floor?
OklahomaTraveler smacks Alpha
Alphaworldian:    hello MeL
MeL:    awesome OT
OklahomaTraveler:    I mean, Hey Alpha! :D :P
SirGreendown:    hi Alphaworldian
CharleyO:    Verrichten u spreken de Nederlandse taal of bent u gewoon raar?
Alphaworldian:    hello beautiful OT
OklahomaTraveler:    Whoa.. do you need a tissue there Charley?
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Alpha
CharleyO:    LOL
CharleyO:    Hi Alpha
Grell Sutcliffe:    I see speak and Netherlands...that's all I make out of that
Alphaworldian:    hi Charley Oh's
MeL:    har har, funny Kahless, ahha
SirGreendown:    Charley, where's the English in parentheses, I will be very mad (not really) if you don't provide it, you are a horrible friend, I wish you were more like James and Tommy. (says sarcastically) I'm not really too mad, but I would please prefer a
SirGreendown:    translation next to it actually
OklahomaTraveler:    Do I have Kah muted? :O
MeL:    awwm
CharleyO:    Uw op vertalingen doen... LOL
CharleyO:    yeah, I don't hear Kahless neither.
MeL:    he hasnt spoke
Alphaworldian:    oh my OT is pole dancing
OklahomaTraveler:    He's whispering secreat nothings to Mel..
MeL:    iam just getting Poked to death On facebook
CharleyO:    Along with CT .... LOl
SirGreendown:    I have a cell phone now
MeL:    har har OT
OklahomaTraveler:    What??
CharleyO:    OK ... photo taken for blackmail purposes .... LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey, I like my pole!
Alphaworldian:    can I sit on your pole OT?
CharleyO:    LOL
KahLess:    O_O
MeL:    ^_^
OklahomaTraveler:    :O
MeL:    Pole Damcing Alien
MeL:    Dancing
OklahomaTraveler:    Ahh... yeah...
Toxor:    Awesome place you have made here OT!
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks Tox.. :D
memyself:    punches time card ....gnite ralph
CosmicTruth:    put yer close back on ot
MeL:    Night memyself
CharleyO:    LOL CT
OklahomaTraveler:    :O
OklahomaTraveler:    Anyone try the games?  Or the ferris wheel?
CosmicTruth:    ya
Toxor:    yeah
CharleyO:    You know I have and most of them are great!
OklahomaTraveler:    Work good?
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Yeah, I know you have.. I think you've tested all of them.
CosmicTruth:    they work good my game skills dont
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, besides Connect 4 and Battleship..
OklahomaTraveler:    There's some easy ones.. Whack-a-Mole is pretty easy.
Toxor:    I love the Pacman 3d
CharleyO:    Yep ... haven't played those yet ... hard to play those 2 alone ....LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    I had a ghost in it before but it was too hard to play that way. and the ghosts don't chase well.
MeL:    they always wonder their own way
OklahomaTraveler:    Atarii they chasedd you. :D
Toxor:    the power pellets were delicious
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Taste like cheezeits..
Alphaworldian:    :o
SirGreendown:    that's the Chiefs history with being undefeated in preseason
OklahomaTraveler:    Added in a reset for the dance floor objects.. sorry..
Toxor:    Then in Ms. Pacman the ghosts got names: Blinky, Inky etc..
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah..
SirGreendown:    Expect maybe CCG to be watching the Chiefs and Alex Smith in Santa Clara come February
OklahomaTraveler:    I've always wondered where those ghosts came from..
OklahomaTraveler:    dead pacmen?
CharleyO:    yep ... lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Inky was the great great grandfather of Ms. Pacman, come back to take revenge on her being in an unapproved relationship with Pacman..
SirGreendown:    I hope she roots for her team's former #1 Overall Draft Pick in 2005 to win that game on February 7, 2016
Toxor:    lol OT
MeL:    aahah
SirGreendown:    Alex Smith is the latest 49ers QB to go off and play for the Chiefs
SirGreendown:    Joe Montana almost took the Chiefs to a Super Bowl in 1993/94
SirGreendown:    we beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wildcard round, then beat the Houston Oilers in the Divisional round, and haven't won a playoff game since
OklahomaTraveler:    I love chargers!
OklahomaTraveler:    Join the Fun with the TGIF Party at "The Game Expo"  in Alpha, "Sept-4th @ 11:45 pm vrt",.
SirGreendown:    oh don't get me started on the San Diego Chokers, lol and Phyllis "Cry Me A" Rivers
OklahomaTraveler:    Chokers.. ?
MeL:    rolls-eyes
OklahomaTraveler:    Chargers --->
SirGreendown:    you said I love chargers didn't you
OklahomaTraveler:    The car.. Dodge. LOL
MeL:    not chokers
OklahomaTraveler:    I'd die to have that car..
OklahomaTraveler:    BTW, Some of the games here give you MyAW points..

[Acro Nym]:    Lets Get Ready for the Acronyms Game !
MeL:    winner of the Acronyms Game gets 500 ptz for
OklahomaTraveler:    I'd also kill for a Nobel Peace Prize!

[Acro Nym]:    Starting word game. I have 16 questions for you
OklahomaTraveler:    Woohoo!!
[Acro Nym]:    What is rt ?
SirGreendown:    Right Tackle
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Right Tackle from SirGreendown
KahLess:    right turn
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer right turn from KahLess
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer red tide from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Right text, wrong person from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Receivers-score Touchdowns
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Really tight from OklahomaTraveler. Accept answer Receivers-score Touchdowns from SirGreendown
SirGreendown:    Royals Take the Crown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Royals Take the Crown from SirGreendown
CosmicTruth:    righty tighty
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer righty tighty from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Rioting tonight! from OklahomaTraveler
MeL:    brb
KahLess:    round track
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer round track from KahLess
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Raiders_are Top team! from CharleyO
SirGreendown:    Raiders Totally SUCK, Chiefs rule
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Raiders Totally SUCK, Chiefs rule from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Rough, tight, undies. from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    rum toddy
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer rum toddy from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For rt answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. SirGreendown: Right Tackle
[Acro Nym]:    2. KahLess: right turn
OklahomaTraveler:    mmmmm rum....
[Acro Nym]:    3. CharleyO: red tide
[Acro Nym]:    4. OklahomaTraveler: Right text, wrong person
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Really tight
SirGreendown:    5
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    6. SirGreendown: Receivers-score Touchdowns
[Acro Nym]:    7. SirGreendown: Royals Take the Crown
[Acro Nym]:    8. CosmicTruth: righty tighty
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Rioting tonight!
[Acro Nym]:    10. KahLess: round track
[Acro Nym]:    11. CharleyO: Raiders_are Top team!
[Acro Nym]:    12. SirGreendown: Raiders Totally SUCK, Chiefs rule
CosmicTruth:    lefty lucy
[Acro Nym]:    13. OklahomaTraveler: Rough, tight, undies.
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO
[Acro Nym]:    14. CosmicTruth: rum toddy
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 2 votes
SirGreendown:    I may bail in a few if James comes back on
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 3 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    You're no fun.. have him come here!
Bach Zhaa:    back
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks for the warning. :O
Toxor:    wb
OklahomaTraveler:    I mean, wb!
CosmicTruth:    13
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is ps ?
CharleyO:    WB Bach
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Please stop from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    play station
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer play station from CosmicTruth
SirGreendown:    he doesn't come on much OT, he's busy with University, he'd rather build I'm sure
Bach Zhaa:    pretty sweet
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer prime suspect from Toxor
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer pretty sweet from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer power Station from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Parading santas from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    please stop
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer please stop from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer purdy sad from MeL
SirGreendown:    Pre Season Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs will go to the Super Bowl like the other two times they did that
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Pre Season Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs will go to the Super Bowl like the other two times they did that from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Punches Santa from OklahomaTraveler
MeL:    haha
OklahomaTraveler:    Bad Santa.  No coal.
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For ps answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. OklahomaTraveler: Please stop
[Acro Nym]:    2. CosmicTruth: play station
[Acro Nym]:    3. Toxor: prime suspect
[Acro Nym]:    4. Bach Zhaa: pretty sweet
[Acro Nym]:    5. CharleyO: power Station
[Acro Nym]:    6. OklahomaTraveler: Parading santas
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. CosmicTruth: please stop
[Acro Nym]:    8. MeL: purdy sad
[Acro Nym]:    9. SirGreendown: Pre Season Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs will go to the Super Bowl like the other two times they did that
SirGreendown:    9
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, SirGreendown you can't vote for yourself ;)
SirGreendown:    6
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 5 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. OklahomaTraveler: Punches Santa
CharleyO:    LOL
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 2 votes
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 3 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    Santa has still never brought me a pony.
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 7 votes
MeL:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is dd ?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dirty deed from MeL. Accept answer Dog Days from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Drunken disorderly santas from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Defense Dee Ford
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Defense Dee Ford from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer didnt do it from MeL
Bach Zhaa:    dog days
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dog days from Bach Zhaa
CosmicTruth:    dont doit
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dont doit from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dont do that from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dangerous Donkey  from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Dominant Defenses Win Championships
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dominant Defenses Win Championships from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dreamy Dreams from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Deranged donkey from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dumb Dora from CharleyO
CosmicTruth:    diver down
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer diver down from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dats-Ben Dover from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Defense Derrick Thomas, never forget
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Defense Derrick Thomas, never forget from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer darkChocolate Donut from MeL
OklahomaTraveler:    Who?
SirGreendown:    Defense Dontari Poe
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Defense Dontari Poe from SirGreendown
SirGreendown:    Defense Derrick Johnson
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Defense Derrick Johnson from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For dd answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. MeL: dirty deed
Bach Zhaa:    donny darko
[Acro Nym]:    2. CharleyO: Dog Days
[Acro Nym]:    3. OklahomaTraveler: Drunken disorderly santas
[Acro Nym]:    4. SirGreendown: Defense Dee Ford
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    5. MeL: didnt do it
[Acro Nym]:    6. Bach Zhaa: dog days
[Acro Nym]:    7. CosmicTruth: dont doit
[Acro Nym]:    8. MeL: dont do that
SirGreendown:    3
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 8 votes
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Dangerous Donkey
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. SirGreendown: Dominant Defenses Win Championships
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 2 votes
[Acro Nym]:    11. CharleyO: Dreamy Dreams
[Acro Nym]:    12. OklahomaTraveler: Deranged donkey
[Acro Nym]:    13. CharleyO: Dumb Dora
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    14. CosmicTruth: diver down
[Acro Nym]:    15. OklahomaTraveler: Dats-Ben Dover
[Acro Nym]:    16. SirGreendown: Defense Derrick Thomas, never forget
OklahomaTraveler ponders Dreamy Dreams...
MeL:    dumb dora. haha
[Acro Nym]:    17. MeL: darkChocolate Donut
[Acro Nym]:    18. SirGreendown: Defense Dontari Poe
[Acro Nym]:    19. SirGreendown: Defense Derrick Johnson
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is cc ?
ren89:    hi all :)
OklahomaTraveler:    I had a dreamy dream once.. she was cute.
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Creamy creme from CharleyO
Bach Zhaa:    copy cat
SirGreendown:    Chris Conley, Touchdown CHIEFS!!!!
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer copy cat from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Chris Conley, Touchdown CHIEFS!!!! from SirGreendown
ren89:    crumbling coast
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer crumbling coast from ren89
MeL:    Howdy ren  =)
MeL:    Join the Fun with the TGIF Party at "The Game Expo"  in Alpha, "Sept-4th @ 11:45 pm vrt",.
Bach Zhaa:    cant concentrate
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer cant concentrate from Bach Zhaa
SirGreendown:    Chris Conley, Chiefs Wide Receiver by day, Star Wars Jedi by Night
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Chris Conley, Chiefs Wide Receiver by day, Star Wars Jedi by Night from SirGreendown
CosmicTruth:    candy cane
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer candy cane from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Create Constant trouble from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer chocolate cookies from MeL
Bach Zhaa:    creepy clown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer creepy clown from Bach Zhaa
SirGreendown:    Chiefs Consistently Win
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Chiefs Consistently Win from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Cantankerous crones.  from OklahomaTraveler
ren89:    woow, neat dance floor OT :D
CosmicTruth:    constanly cranky
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer constanly cranky from CosmicTruth
SirGreendown:    Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters from SirGreendown
CharleyO:    Hi ren
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks Ren.. :D
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For cc answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. CharleyO: Creamy creme
[Acro Nym]:    2. Bach Zhaa: copy cat
[Acro Nym]:    3. SirGreendown: Chris Conley, Touchdown CHIEFS!!!!
[Acro Nym]:    4. ren89: crumbling coast
[Acro Nym]:    5. Bach Zhaa: cant concentrate
[Acro Nym]:    6. SirGreendown: Chris Conley, Chiefs Wide Receiver by day, Star Wars Jedi by Night
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 2 votes
SirGreendown:    2
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. CosmicTruth: candy cane
[Acro Nym]:    8. CharleyO: Create Constant trouble
[Acro Nym]:    9. MeL: chocolate cookies
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO You popped a pig
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. Bach Zhaa: creepy clown
[Acro Nym]:    11. SirGreendown: Chiefs Consistently Win
ren89:    XD
[Acro Nym]:    12. OklahomaTraveler: Cantankerous crones.
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 5 votes
[Acro Nym]:    13. CosmicTruth: constanly cranky
[Acro Nym]:    14. SirGreendown: Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters
OklahomaTraveler:    Ever since that one update, seems that all say commands are global now.
MeL:    probably so
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote twice ;)
Alphaworldian:    please quit popping the god damn pig
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is td ?
ren89:    uh ho didnt realise it was global :P
SirGreendown:    what updade?
MeL:    Please quit Cussing Alphaworldian
Bach Zhaa:    you test that out?  that true?
SirGreendown:    TOUCH DOWN KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer TOUCH DOWN KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Total Distruction from CharleyO
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL It shouldn't be..
Bach Zhaa:    no, it shouldnt
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Tights drooping, saggy rear from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Travis-Kelce Destroys Defenses
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Travis-Kelce Destroys Defenses from SirGreendown
CosmicTruth:    temporary delerium
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer temporary delerium from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Those darn pigs.. from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    tango dancer
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer tango dancer from Bach Zhaa
SirGreendown:    Touch Downs by Wide Receivers
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Touch Downs by Wide Receivers from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer They're drunk from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    aw needs a whisper say command
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, it does..
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For td answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. SirGreendown: TOUCH DOWN KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SirGreendown:    Top Defensive Back Ron Parker
[Acro Nym]:    2. CharleyO: Total Distruction
[Acro Nym]:    3. OklahomaTraveler: Tights drooping, saggy rear
Grell Sutcliffe:    I think you can whisper /me
Bach Zhaa:    well,  wouldnt that just be a local say?
[Acro Nym]:    4. SirGreendown: Travis-Kelce Destroys Defenses
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 9 votes
[Acro Nym]:    5. CosmicTruth: temporary delerium
[Acro Nym]:    6. OklahomaTraveler: Those darn pigs..
[Acro Nym]:    7. Bach Zhaa: tango dancer
[Acro Nym]:    8. SirGreendown: Touch Downs by Wide Receivers
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: They're drunk
OklahomaTraveler:    There's only a couple games with say commands so I'll remove those later.
SirGreendown:    5
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 5 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 7 votes
MeL  /me isnt a whisper
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 8 votes
Raven.:    Kansas city still has a football team? I thought they sold it
CharleyO:    They should .... lol
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is nw ?
SirGreendown:    You are thinking of St. Louis and the Rams who are moving back to Los Angeles LOL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer New World from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Naked white chicks from OklahomaTraveler
Raven.:    poor rams life isnt fair
Bach Zhaa:    night watchman
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer night watchman from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer never wonder why from MeL
CosmicTruth:    north west
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer north west from CosmicTruth
SirGreendown:    the Kansas City Chiefs will NEVER relocate, they are as tied to this city as the Packers are to Green Bay
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Never Wrong means never right from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Nuggets with horse meat from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    next week
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer next week from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer nightly waking from MeL
SirGreendown:    Now Win some Playoff Games
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Nice Wiggle! from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Now Win some Playoff Games from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer not wiating long from MeL
Bach Zhaa:    no way
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer no way from Bach Zhaa
Raven.:    well the packers are a corp
CosmicTruth:    never worry
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer never worry from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Naked walrus? from OklahomaTraveler
ren89:    not noww
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For nw answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. CharleyO: New World
[Acro Nym]:    2. OklahomaTraveler: Naked white chicks
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote for yourself ;)
[Acro Nym]:    3. Bach Zhaa: night watchman
[Acro Nym]:    4. MeL: never wonder why
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 10 votes
[Acro Nym]:    5. CosmicTruth: north west
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 7 votes
[Acro Nym]:    6. CharleyO: Never Wrong means never right
Raven.:    some one bought it out?
[Acro Nym]:    7. OklahomaTraveler: Nuggets with horse meat
[Acro Nym]:    8. Bach Zhaa: next week
SirGreendown:    the Kansas City Chiefs are owned by Clark Hunt, son of Chiefs Founder Lamar Hunt
[Acro Nym]:    9. MeL: nightly waking
[Acro Nym]:    10. OklahomaTraveler: Nice Wiggle!
[Acro Nym]:    11. SirGreendown: Now Win some Playoff Games
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 2 votes
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    12. MeL: not wiating long
[Acro Nym]:    13. Bach Zhaa: no way
OklahomaTraveler checks out Mel's wiggle
SirGreendown:    and he will be the teams owner until the day he dies
[Acro Nym]:    14. CosmicTruth: never worry
[Acro Nym]:    15. OklahomaTraveler: Naked walrus?
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 9 votes
Raven.:    tech he doesnt own it he is ceo
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is ak ?
SirGreendown:    and he and Robert Kraft and Art Rooney are considered to be the top owners in the NFL
CosmicTruth:    alaska
Raven.:    they do it for liability reasons
CosmicTruth:    alas ka
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer alas ka from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Aphrodite's kinky from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Raven, you don't know anything about the subject
CosmicTruth:    another kitten?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer another kitten? from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Ask_Captain Kangaroo from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Another kangaroo on the grill from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer awesome kittens from Bach Zhaa
SirGreendown:    the owner of a team goes by Chairman and CEO, but at the end of the day they own the team
Raven.:    35 years as a cpa I might
CosmicTruth:    almost koshire
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer almost koshire from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer ACHOO!!! Khazuntite   (Or however the carp that's spelled) from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    all klear
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer all klear from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For ak answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. CosmicTruth: alas ka
[Acro Nym]:    2. OklahomaTraveler: Aphrodite's kinky
[Acro Nym]:    3. CosmicTruth: another kitten?
[Acro Nym]:    4. CharleyO: Ask_Captain Kangaroo
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Another kangaroo on the grill
[Acro Nym]:    6. Bach Zhaa: awesome kittens
[Acro Nym]:    7. CosmicTruth: almost koshire
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 8 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 10 votes
[Acro Nym]:    8. OklahomaTraveler: ACHOO!!! Khazuntite   (Or however the carp that's spelled)
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 11 votes
SirGreendown: he inherited the team from his late Father Lamar Hunt
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 11 votes
[Acro Nym]:    9. Bach Zhaa: all klear
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 2 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    Everklear?
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 9 votes
SirGreendown:    and the Hunt family has very close ties to Kansas City in more ways than just the Chiefs
Bach Zhaa:    lol   *hic
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO
Raven.:    ok doesnt matter what I tell you youvr got your way stuck in your head
SirGreendown:    and btw Clark Hunt is the leader of the comittee that oversees relocation bids
Bach Zhaa:    pour me some shine
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is hs ?
Alphaworldian:    head surgeon
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer head surgeon from Alphaworldian
CosmicTruth:    high school
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer high school from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Hunger sucks from OklahomaTraveler
ren89:    he's shy
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer he's shy from ren89
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Hermaphrodite's sister from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Hurry_bsck Soon from CharleyO
CosmicTruth:    mermagesty's ship
OklahomaTraveler:    Wait.. wrong greek goddess.. :O
SirGreendown:    and the only teams in any danger of relocation are the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars, which all either have lack of fan support or outdated Stadiums
CosmicTruth:    hermagestys ship
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer hermagestys ship from CosmicTruth
Bach Zhaa:    heavy stuff
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer heavy stuff from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer He's such a jerk! from OklahomaTraveler. Accept answer hermit somewheres under the bridge from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For hs answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. Alphaworldian: head surgeon
[Acro Nym]:    2. CosmicTruth: high school
Highwayman:    wheres the party?
[Acro Nym]:    3. OklahomaTraveler: Hunger sucks
[Acro Nym]:    4. ren89: he's shy
SirGreendown:    the Kansas City Chiefs have extremely high fan support and very modern up to date facilities
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Hermaphrodite's sister
[Acro Nym]:    6. CharleyO: Hurry_bsck Soon
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 12 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. CosmicTruth: hermagestys ship
[Acro Nym]:    8. Bach Zhaa: heavy stuff
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: He's such a jerk!
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 10 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. MeL: hermit somewheres under the bridge
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 1 votes
CosmicTruth:    7789s 1319e
Bach Zhaa:    Join the Fun with the TGIF Party at "The Game Expo"  in Alpha, "Sept-4th @ 11:45 pm vrt",.
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 13 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Highway!
CharleyO:    Hello HWM
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 2 votes
Toxor:    Hey HWM
ren89:    hey hwm
MeL:    Howdy HM
Highwayman:    hey hey everyone, thanks OT
MeL:    HWM
Bach Zhaa:    hey Highway
OklahomaTraveler:    Easier that way. LOL
Highwayman:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is zw ?
ren89:    zero waste
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer zero waste from ren89
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer zoo waffer from MeL
OklahomaTraveler:    Almost forgot to vote!
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Ziggy Worries too much from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer zebra walking sideways from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Zebras whizzing everywhere! :O from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    zero worries
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer zero worries from CosmicTruth
OklahomaTraveler:    Sorry.. couldn't help it.
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Zipper was down. :O from OklahomaTraveler
Highwayman:    whoa, whats with the player..?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer zit was a sunny and hot day from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Zhaa was here from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Zenobia Was very happy from CharleyO
OklahomaTraveler:    With the player?
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For zw answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. ren89: zero waste
[Acro Nym]:    2. MeL: zoo waffer
[Acro Nym]:    3. CharleyO: Ziggy Worries too much
Highwayman:    it,s all bunched up at the top?
[Acro Nym]:    4. MeL: zebra walking sideways
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Zebras whizzing everywhere! :O
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    6. CosmicTruth: zero worries
[Acro Nym]:    7. OklahomaTraveler: Zipper was down. :O
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    8. MeL: zit was a sunny and hot day
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 14 votes
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Zhaa was here
Highwayman:    lol,zipper
[Acro Nym]:    10. CharleyO: Zenobia Was very happy
MeL:    ohh it is all bunched up
SirGreendown:    the Kansas City Chiefs are strong Super Bowl contenders this year
MeL:    wrong model, for it . OT
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is vr ?
CharleyO:    Wow, OT ... you did something wrong?
Bach Zhaa:    what you looking at?
OklahomaTraveler:    :O
CosmicTruth:    virtual reality
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer virtual reality from CosmicTruth
OklahomaTraveler:    That better?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Very Rare from CharleyO
ren89:    very resourceful
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer very resourceful from ren89
Highwayman:    is he changing it, my music
SirGreendown:    and of course our baseball team is the Kansas City Royals, they will surely win the World Series
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Venus rocks! from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Ventura really is a good pitcher
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Ventura really is a good pitcher from SirGreendown
Bach Zhaa:    vertigo ranger
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer vertigo ranger from Bach Zhaa
SirGreendown:    Yordano Ventura
MeL:    how did you stretch it out ?
OklahomaTraveler:    sh=701
Bach Zhaa:    video recorder
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer video recorder from Bach Zhaa
CharleyO:    by using magic.
MeL:    nods
Highwayman:    probably how he stretches out his
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For vr answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. CosmicTruth: virtual reality
[Acro Nym]:    2. CharleyO: Very Rare
[Acro Nym]:    3. ren89: very resourceful
[Acro Nym]:    4. OklahomaTraveler: Venus rocks!
[Acro Nym]:    5. SirGreendown: Ventura really is a good pitcher
SirGreendown:    the Royals lost today 0-12 to the White Sox :(
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO What, grab four people and play tug of war with them?
[Acro Nym]:    6. Bach Zhaa: vertigo ranger
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 5 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. Bach Zhaa: video recorder
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 12 votes
Highwayman:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 11 votes
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote twice ;)
OklahomaTraveler:    stupid bot, I know that.
ren89:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Same to you, OklahomaTraveler
Alphaworldian:    PIPE IT DOWN OT
MeL:    awwmm haha
Toxor:    hehe
OklahomaTraveler throws peanuts at Alpha!
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 4 votes
Alphaworldian:    :o
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Good catch.
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is dc ?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Donkey Cong from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dog cat from MeL
Alphaworldian:    yesss Donkey Kong
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer direct current from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer double chocolate from Toxor
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dem crazy mothers.. from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Dream Constant with life from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dont catch the vr cooties that way from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Don't cut me! from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    dont care
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer dont care from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Deranged criminals are fun to taunt from OklahomaTraveler
SirGreendown:    Did-The Chiefs already seal their fate, Super Bowl 50 may be in their future
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Did-The Chiefs already seal their fate, Super Bowl 50 may be in their future from SirGreendown. Accept answer didnt call for that from MeL
CosmicTruth:    is this the adult version?
MeL:    noo
MeL:    lol not in alpha
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Driving cars from OklahomaTraveler
CharleyO:    Did mel just admit she has vr cooties??
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL No.. but it would be fun. :D
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For dc answers were:
MeL:    noo
[Acro Nym]:    1. OklahomaTraveler: Donkey Cong
[Acro Nym]:    2. MeL: dog cat
[Acro Nym]:    3. CosmicTruth: direct current
[Acro Nym]:    4. Toxor: double chocolate
Highwayman:    it myst not be they are fully clothed,,lol
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Dem crazy mothers..
SirGreendown:    maybe in Wild
OklahomaTraveler:    She does have cooties!! She got them from rubbing up against Bach!
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 4 votes
[Acro Nym]:    6. CharleyO: Dream Constant with life
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 5 votes
Alphaworldian:    1
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 15 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. MeL: dont catch the vr cooties that way
[Acro Nym]:    8. OklahomaTraveler: Don't cut me!
[Acro Nym]:    9. Bach Zhaa: dont care
[Acro Nym]:    10. OklahomaTraveler: Deranged criminals are fun to taunt
SirGreendown:    9
MeL:    well, thats a possibilty
[Acro Nym]:    Bach Zhaa has now 12 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    11. SirGreendown: Did-The Chiefs already seal their fate, Super Bowl 50 may be in their future
Highwayman:    OT whats the name of this location?
[Acro Nym]:    12. MeL: didnt call for that
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 7 votes
[Acro Nym]:    13. OklahomaTraveler: Driving cars
MeL:    The Game Expo
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 5 votes
Highwayman:    thanks
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, Game Expo
OklahomaTraveler:    It's right next to the Expo, so figured that'd be a good name for it. :D
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is wj ?
OklahomaTraveler:    BTW, If the video stops, step out and come back.. or click on one of the blue signs.
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer watermelon jam from MeL
Alphaworldian:    wojak
SirGreendown:    James is on a new laptop
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Women Jumping up and down is fun to watch from CharleyO
Highwayman:    turns on super vision
CosmicTruth:    western journalists
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer western journalists from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer walking-all jerky like from MeL
Alphaworldian:    wang juice
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer wang juice from Alphaworldian
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer We just got drunk from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Women just don't understand! from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer wild jack from MeL
SirGreendown:    Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin #19 Kansas City Chiefs
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin #19 Kansas City Chiefs from SirGreendown
Bach Zhaa:    wont judge
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer wont judge from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Women just dont care to understand from MeL
SirGreendown:    Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin Scores Touchdowns
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin Scores Touchdowns from SirGreendown
SirGreendown:    Wide-Receiver Jason Avant #81 Kansas City Chiefs
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Wide-Receiver Jason Avant #81 Kansas City Chiefs from SirGreendown. Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For wj answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. MeL: watermelon jam
[Acro Nym]:    2. CharleyO: Women Jumping up and down is fun to watch
[Acro Nym]:    3. CosmicTruth: western journalists
Bach Zhaa:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 5 votes
[Acro Nym]:    4. MeL: walking-all jerky like
OklahomaTraveler:    2
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote twice ;)
[Acro Nym]:    5. Alphaworldian: wang juice
Alphaworldian:    2
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    6. OklahomaTraveler: We just got drunk
[Acro Nym]:    7. OklahomaTraveler: Women just don't understand!
OklahomaTraveler:    I want to vote 2 about 20 more times.. :D
[Acro Nym]:    8. MeL: wild jack
[Acro Nym]:    9. SirGreendown: Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin #19 Kansas City Chiefs
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 6 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. Bach Zhaa: wont judge
[Acro Nym]:    SirGreendown has now 1 votes
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 7 votes
[Acro Nym]:    11. MeL: Women just dont care to understand
[Acro Nym]:    12. SirGreendown: Wide-Receiver Jeremy Maclin Scores Touchdowns
[Acro Nym]:    SirGreendown has now 2 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO Mel, good answer
[Acro Nym]:    13. SirGreendown: Wide-Receiver Jason Avant #81 Kansas City Chiefs
MeL:    :D
Highwayman:    hey bach,you know that site uurr a member of,virtual some or another, never remeberr the name, is it closed?
SirGreendown:    if you put in Desean Jackson in there too you would have the 2012 starting Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receivers
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 13 votes
Bach Zhaa:    umm
Alphaworldian:    3
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, Alphaworldian you can't vote twice ;)
Alphaworldian:    5
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, Alphaworldian you can't vote for yourself ;)
Alphaworldian:    1
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, Alphaworldian you can't vote twice ;)
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is pl ?
Alphaworldian:    po land
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer po land from Alphaworldian
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Please Like me from CharleyO
Alphaworldian:    poopy lap
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer poopy lap from Alphaworldian
SirGreendown:    Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant are with the Chiefs
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Puked last night, drunk again today from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer purdy legs from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Pretty ladies in undies marching down the street from OklahomaTraveler
Highwayman:    i have it saved, i tried gooing there, it didnt work?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Particularly lame from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer ppff lame from MeL
MeL:    haha
OklahomaTraveler:    Mine is better. :P :P
SirGreendown:    Poe Loves to Scare Quarterbacks of Opposing Teams
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Poe Loves to Scare Quarterbacks of Opposing Teams from SirGreendown
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer poopy Land ... you tried to go there??? from CharleyO
Bach Zhaa:    I havent in so long, I dont know where to look
Highwayman:    lol charley
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
Highwayman:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    For pl answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. Alphaworldian: po land
[Acro Nym]:    2. CharleyO: Please Like me
[Acro Nym]:    3. Alphaworldian: poopy lap
[Acro Nym]:    4. OklahomaTraveler: Puked last night, drunk again today
OklahomaTraveler:    Poopy land, bring a raft
[Acro Nym]:    5. MeL: purdy legs
[Acro Nym]:    6. OklahomaTraveler: Pretty ladies in undies marching down the street
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 8 votes
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 7 votes
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 16 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. OklahomaTraveler: Particularly lame
[Acro Nym]:    8. MeL: ppff lame
[Acro Nym]:    9. SirGreendown: Poe Loves to Scare Quarterbacks of Opposing Teams
OklahomaTraveler:    Aww Mel, I never knew you thought of my legs like that. ;)
[Acro Nym]:    CharleyO has now 8 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. CharleyO: poopy Land ... you tried to go there???
SirGreendown:    Dontari Poe is one of the best Defensive Tackles in the NFL
MeL:    =)
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote twice ;). CharleyO has now 9 votes
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 9 votes
Alphaworldian:    4
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 17 votes
Highwayman:    well the player is a bit better now.hehe
SirGreendown:    hopefully he will play this year
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 18 votes
SirGreendown:    he injured his back last month had to have surgery
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is mb ?
Highwayman:    big RR radio rocks!
CosmicTruth:    mega byte
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer My butt from OklahomaTraveler. Accept answer mega byte from CosmicTruth. Accept answer Myrtle beach is fun from CharleyO
Highwayman:    singlr R
Alphaworldian:    major boob
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer major boob from Alphaworldian
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Mr Bignose all up in my grill from OklahomaTraveler
CosmicTruth:    mo betta
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer mo betta from CosmicTruth
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Mel's butt is cute tonight! from OklahomaTraveler
Alphaworldian:    amen to that OT
MeL:    rolls-eyes
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer mario bros from Toxor
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Microscopic bacteria  from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    mad builder
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer mad builder from Bach Zhaa
OklahomaTraveler winks at Mel
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer My Brain is smarter than everyone's! from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer my bad truck from MeL
Highwayman:    see you got pole dancing
MeL:    of course
OklahomaTraveler:    Of course.. it's not a party without a pole.. :P
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For mb answers were:
CharleyO:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    1. OklahomaTraveler: My butt
[Acro Nym]:    2. CosmicTruth: mega byte
[Acro Nym]:    3. CharleyO: Myrtle beach is fun
[Acro Nym]:    4. Alphaworldian: major boob
[Acro Nym]:    5. OklahomaTraveler: Mr Bignose all up in my grill
[Acro Nym]:    6. CosmicTruth: mo betta
Bach Zhaa shakes it for highway hoping he's a high roller   :D
[Acro Nym]:    7. OklahomaTraveler: Mel's butt is cute tonight!
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 14 votes
Alphaworldian:    7
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 19 votes
[Acro Nym]:    8. Toxor: mario bros
MeL:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote for yourself ;)
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Microscopic bacteria
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 8 votes
[Acro Nym]:    10. Bach Zhaa: mad builder
[Acro Nym]:    Toxor has now 9 votes
[Acro Nym]:    11. CharleyO: My Brain is smarter than everyone's!
[Acro Nym]:    12. MeL: my bad truck
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 20 votes
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 10 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    I thought Highwayman was going to jump on a dance pole! :O
Alphaworldian:    microscopic bacteria, as opposed to?
OklahomaTraveler:    Macroscopic bacteria, if you must know. :P
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
Alphaworldian:    oh okay
[Acro Nym]:    What is tn ?
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer tough nuggets from MeL
CosmicTruth:    to night
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer to night from CosmicTruth
Bach Zhaa:    nah  he was pulling out the american express..   back off, he's mine   :o
Highwayman:    you know that's bach, signature thingy sayin
MeL:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Too Nice for her own good from CharleyO
MeL:    whee would he swipe it thou
MeL:    where
CosmicTruth:    To n
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer To n from CosmicTruth
Bach Zhaa:    nah  I share   ;D
Alphaworldian:    t n
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer t n from Alphaworldian
MeL:    :o
OklahomaTraveler:    The microscopic and macroscopic morphologies of bacteria were the first characteristics used to identify bacteria and form the cornerstones.... it's on Wikipedia. :P
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer take no prisoners from MeL
Bach Zhaa bends over to show mel
MeL:    ;O
Alphaworldian:    you're a liar OT
Alphaworldian:    quit lying
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Town Newbie from CharleyO
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Tiny nodes from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Tricky nomes from OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    swipe it right in there
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
[Acro Nym]:    For tn answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. MeL: tough nuggets
CosmicTruth:    tomorrow never comes
[Acro Nym]:    2. CosmicTruth: to night
[Acro Nym]:    3. CharleyO: Too Nice for her own good
Highwayman:    lol, it still has ur name all overr it, figuratively speacking
[Acro Nym]:    4. CosmicTruth: To n
[Acro Nym]:    5. Alphaworldian: t n
OklahomaTraveler swipes
[Acro Nym]:    6. MeL: take no prisoners
[Acro Nym]:    7. CharleyO: Town Newbie
[Acro Nym]:    8. OklahomaTraveler: Tiny nodes
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Tricky nomes
Alphaworldian:    8
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 21 votes
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 11 votes
Grell Sutcliffe:    *raises eyebrow*
[Acro Nym]:    CosmicTruth has now 15 votes
OklahomaTraveler lowers Grell's eyebrow.
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 12 votes
Alphaworldian lowers Grell Sutcliffe's raised eyebrow
Highwayman:    knowing OT, im not touuching the
CharleyO:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Ha! LOL
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    What bumps? :O
MeL:    hahaha
OklahomaTraveler likes my bumps..
Alphaworldian:    I like your bump OT
Highwayman:    wheres my helmut
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    What is lsr ?
OklahomaTraveler:    Mel told me the same thing once..
Highwayman:    lol
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer little singing rabbit from MeL
ren89:    late series round
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer late series round from ren89
Bach Zhaa:    last survivor remaining
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer last survivor remaining from Bach Zhaa
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Long straight rod from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer last standing rebel from MeL
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Little Soup Runner from CharleyO
Bach Zhaa:    long slow retreat
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer long slow retreat from Bach Zhaa
Grell Sutcliffe:    lame statement really
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer lame statement really from Grell Sutcliffe
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Lets stop rambling from OklahomaTraveler
Alphaworldian:    lLiquid Silicone Rubber
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer lLiquid Silicone Rubber from Alphaworldian
Alphaworldian:    Land Speed Record
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Land Speed Record from Alphaworldian
Alphaworldian:    Local Service Request
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Local Service Request from Alphaworldian
Highwayman:    hope you dont get crushed by that big cube there charley..
Alphaworldian:    Life Science Research
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Life Science Research from Alphaworldian
Alphaworldian:    Light Sensitive Resistor
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Light Sensitive Resistor from Alphaworldian
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Lemurs simmering radiently from OklahomaTraveler
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer lame statement really from Grell ... but why is it lame? from CharleyO
Alphaworldian:    Light Sensitive Relay
[Acro Nym]:    Accept answer Light Sensitive Relay from Alphaworldian
[Acro Nym]:    Let's vote for winner, write or whisper number of phrase you like to me.
OklahomaTraveler:    Lemur lunch.. :D
[Acro Nym]:    For lsr answers were:
[Acro Nym]:    1. MeL: little singing rabbit
[Acro Nym]:    2. ren89: late series round
[Acro Nym]:    3. Bach Zhaa: last survivor remaining
[Acro Nym]:    4. OklahomaTraveler: Long straight rod
[Acro Nym]:    5. MeL: last standing rebel
[Acro Nym]:    Sorry, OklahomaTraveler you can't vote for yourself ;)
[Acro Nym]:    6. CharleyO: Little Soup Runner
[Acro Nym]:    ren89 has now 7 votes. MeL has now 13 votes
[Acro Nym]:    7. Bach Zhaa: long slow retreat
[Acro Nym]:    8. Grell Sutcliffe: lame statement really
[Acro Nym]:    9. OklahomaTraveler: Lets stop rambling
[Acro Nym]:    MeL has now 14 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Grell Sutcliffe has now 1 votes. Grell Sutcliffe has now 2 votes
Alphaworldian:    9
[Acro Nym]:    10. Alphaworldian: lLiquid Silicone Rubber
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 22 votes
[Acro Nym]:    Grell Sutcliffe has now 3 votes
[Acro Nym]:    11. Alphaworldian: Land Speed Record
[Acro Nym]:    12. Alphaworldian: Local Service Request
[Acro Nym]:    13. Alphaworldian: Life Science Research
[Acro Nym]:    14. Alphaworldian: Light Sensitive Resistor
[Acro Nym]:    15. OklahomaTraveler: Lemurs simmering radiently
[Acro Nym]:    16. CharleyO: lame statement really from Grell ... but why is it lame?
Highwayman:    nice fancy stuff here OT
[Acro Nym]:    17. Alphaworldian: Light Sensitive Relay
[Acro Nym]:    OklahomaTraveler has now 23 votes
SirGreendown:    17
[Acro Nym]:    Alphaworldian has now 1 votes
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks..
Highwayman:    but still not touching the bumps tho.hehe
OklahomaTraveler:    Check out the ferris wheel. :D
[Acro Nym]:    Voting stopped
[Acro Nym]:    Game is ended.
[Acro Nym]:    Winner is OklahomaTraveler with 23 votes!
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO Nothing wrong with the bumps!
MeL:    WTG OT
CosmicTruth:    dang u
CharleyO:    Awww ... go ahead, HWM ... touch them!
SirGreendown:    wtg OT
Bach Zhaa:    woohoo  congrats OT
Toxor:    wtg OT
OklahomaTraveler:    My bumps, my bumps, my lovely manly lumps... :O
CharleyO:    WTG OT
ren89:    *claps* congrats! XD
OklahomaTraveler:    Ty ty.. :D
Alphaworldian:    that's a really bad song OT
CosmicTruth:    i really wanted to win
Alphaworldian:    >:(
MeL:    you won 500 ptz at  http://networl/  , Congrads!
OklahomaTraveler:    Alpha, I know.. LOL

Highwayman:    hmm, i still see myself on the ground
MeL:    http://network/
Alphaworldian:    you won a wig from GSK, congrats
OklahomaTraveler:    Woohoo!!
Highwayman:    tad fast there OT
SirGreendown:    lat I checked GSK doesn't wear wigs
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, yeah, but that's the fun of it. ;)
OklahomaTraveler:    Change view to get off..
CosmicTruth:    can i have 5 points for coming in 12th?
Highwayman:    not if you just ate before you get on
Alphaworldian:    cool I got a MyAW code
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO True
CharleyO:    And OT, as a bonus, meL is supplying you with 50 cents worth of used bubble gum.
Alphaworldian:    I'm gonna buy a wig
OklahomaTraveler gives Cosmit 2 points..
SirGreendown:    that joke is so old
MeL:    lol charley
Highwayman:    umm was that code suppose to be public?
SirGreendown:    I retired the wig jokes a little while back
OklahomaTraveler:    Woohoo!! I always loved used bubble gum.. so many holes to fill.. cats to stick it on..
CharleyO:    LOL OT
MeL:    Thats not the Code for the myawptz haha
OklahomaTraveler:    What code?
CharleyO:    The super secret code, OT .... you know, right?
OklahomaTraveler:    There's some of the games here that, if you beat them, you get a MyAW code.. for a limited time.
Alphaworldian twerks on MeL.
Highwayman:    YOU WIN!  Your MyAW code is: OUR5A <--------------------- that oone
CosmicTruth:    YOU WIN!  Your MyAW code is: OUR5A
SirGreendown:    I remember way back when GC and I used to annoy GSK a lot with that together
ren89:    some neat games here OT
MeL:    twerk away from mel
SirGreendown:    but I'm over that joke
OklahomaTraveler:    Charley, when the eagle flys over the nest and drops white stuff on your shoulder at dawn.
CosmicTruth:    im tired night all
Highwayman:    i need a barf bag
Bach Zhaa:    nite CT
Highwayman:    tc CT
MeL:    Night Cosmic
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night CT
ren89:    night CT
CosmicTruth:    <click>     : )     and have a great weekend
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a great one CT
CharleyO:    LOL OT
CharleyO:    G'night CT
OklahomaTraveler:    I always see CT and think Caretaker..
Alphaworldian:    same
Highwayman:    i need to steal this code for ur effects, may come in handy one
Alphaworldian:    okay party is over folks get out of here
Highwayman:    where did you get the pics from?
OklahomaTraveler:    I linked to them..
OklahomaTraveler:    What code?
ren89:    nope I am having too much of a good time here so i refuse to leave... yet >3
MeL:    good deal ren  =)
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Highwayman:    tthe command you used for the pic effects
OklahomaTraveler:    Ren you playing the games?
Alphaworldian escorts ren89 off of the dance floor
Highwayman:    dance some
Highwayman:    thing
ren89:    yeah trying out some of the ones ive never seen before :O
SaintlyMic:    I called comcast today because my internet connection has been lagging real bad for a week or two. We did a speed test when they first started helping me and my speed was 0 Mbps. After they did something to my modem from their office my speed went to
SirGreendown:    ready to hear something funny but actually true
ren89 flies out of Alpha's grasp :P
SaintlyMic:    88Mbps download speed and 6 Mbps upload speed.
ren89:    sure G
Highwayman:    your going on vacation?
Alphaworldian starts spanking ren89!
OklahomaTraveler:    Not sure which ones, but it's all good.. Bach helped me with the signs.. most of the rest of it was made up on the fly. LOL
CharleyO:    LOL HWM
SirGreendown:    Tim Tebow is seriously, I'm not kidding on an NFL Roster this year, for the Philadelphia Eagles
Bach Zhaa:    so better Mic?
SirGreendown:    he actually made the team
OklahomaTraveler:    Ren, I keep trying to add more here when I have time.  Eventually, I want to have 50-100 games here.
Bach Zhaa:    er..  so is it better Mic?
Highwayman:    funny i just read that article before i came here.lool
SirGreendown:    Tim Tebow made the Eagles
Grell Sutcliffe:    I have no idea what significance that holds because I have no interest in sports.
ren89:    XD
ren89:    @OT
Highwayman:    lol grell
OklahomaTraveler:    It means that someone is doing something interesting, I think.. maybe..
CharleyO:    really, no significance, Grell
Highwayman:    umm does the say's need to be global?
SirGreendown:    Tim "Jesus Chridst" Tebow is the 2nd most overhyped sucky bust QB in the NFL behind RG3 and ahead of Johnny Manziel
Bach Zhaa:    seems to be a bug at play here highway
Alphaworldian:    who is popping the pigs
Alphaworldian:    >:o
Bach Zhaa:    they arent
Highwayman:    you need to keep it down sirG
OklahomaTraveler:    They're not.. after that one update it seems all of the say commands are global now. :(
ren89:    not me Alpha :P
Highwayman:    so why am i seeing says?
OklahomaTraveler:    Going to have to take that out if we do this again here.
Grell Sutcliffe:    I don't see any says
Bach Zhaa:    read us again..
ren89:    OT have you tried the global off setting?
Highwayman:    you didnt see the one about the pigs grell?
OklahomaTraveler:    It's a bug.,, some people see them, some dont.
Bach Zhaa:    yah
OklahomaTraveler:    Ren, yeah..
Bach Zhaa:    who see's the says say aye
Grell Sutcliffe:    Only one I saw before was someone winning points, I don't see any about pigs
ren89:    :/
Bach Zhaa:    aye
Highwayman:    aye
ren89:    aye
SirGreendown:    I see the says
SirGreendown:    aye
Bach Zhaa:    who doesnt say nay
Grell Sutcliffe:    nay
OklahomaTraveler:    There's only a couple of games that have any says though.
MeL:    nay
Toxor:    nay
CharleyO:    hey ... I love hot buttered popping pig when i go to the movies .... mmmm-mmmmm
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    nay
MeL:    haha charley
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO Charley
Bach Zhaa:    seriously curious
CharleyO:    I see it but it doesn't bother me.
Highwayman:    soomeone just crashed a game
Highwayman:    or crashed in a game
ren89:    i crashed my lunar rocket :P
Highwayman:    lol
Grell Sutcliffe:    Might those who see themhave clicked on the game beforehand, maybe?
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, it's weird.. tested it a few times later and nobody could see the says, but now people see them, but some don't, but some do.. it's kinda weird.
Grell Sutcliffe:    I didn't click any of the games
Highwayman:    no i have only been right here grelll
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway just got here so I don't think he's clicked on any of them.. but he sees them.  I haven't clicked but I don't see them.
SirGreendown:    and what update made all says global?
Grell Sutcliffe:    Well, it was a thought anyway.
ren89:    hmmm.... maybe it's something to do with some strange alacemy between the PC and AW for some people that is causing it?
OklahomaTraveler:    Month or two ago, I don't remember.  Weird things started happening with the say command then but I thought it was fixed.
SirGreendown:    there fortunately hasn't been any updates in months, not since the Timers were broken
Highwayman:    how are the images made OT gif?
OklahomaTraveler:    It was about the same time.
Bach Zhaa:    these are videos highway
OklahomaTraveler:    Which images?  The video on the big screen?
Highwayman:    yes
SirGreendown:    hopefully there won't be any updates soon
Bach Zhaa:    in the floor, walls objects
OklahomaTraveler:    That's youtube with sound taken off.
Highwayman:    ahhh
Grell Sutcliffe:    When I kept running into Dagim with his neuralizer?
SirGreendown:    I always get scared whenever Chrispeg is on
Highwayman:    he was on the other day
OklahomaTraveler:    Don't have to use a lot of PE's and effects that way, and still get a decent looking dance area.
Highwayman:    i kike it
Highwayman:    like*
OklahomaTraveler:    Blame it on Mel and Bach. :P  It was an accident here.. LOL
Highwayman:    wonder why i didnt think of
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL
SirGreendown:    I'm scared of updates to AW after the timer incident and I'm glad there haven't been updates since and I hope there won't be any updates anytime soon
OklahomaTraveler:    Did you see my randomizer?
Highwayman:    no
Bach Zhaa:    gremots doing same but different in his globe
OklahomaTraveler:    Look behind the Whack-a-Mole game.. it's pretty simple, but that could be used to change lighting effects and different things.
Highwayman:    cool. thanks
SnOwKuPP:    hUmans R dangerous
SirGreendown:    I hate Chrispeg with a passion
MeL:    Howdy FSNowy
Highwayman:    hush sirG
Bach Zhaa:    oh huh SG
Bach Zhaa:    hush
SnOwKuPP:    hi my friend FMeL
Bach Zhaa:    please
ren89:    lol when you step outside the dancefloor the cubes and spheres turn pink :P
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Snow!
CharleyO:    hiya SnowKupp
Highwayman:    KUPPP!
OklahomaTraveler:    Ren, reduces lag. :D
SirGreendown:    every time an update happens he messes things up, and he also almost caused GSK to leave AW for good
ren89:    hi Snow
ren89:    XD
SnOwKuPP:    hi OT Hi Bach hi HWM
OklahomaTraveler:    I have a few 2 player games here.. Tictactoe, connect 4, and battleship.
Bach Zhaa:    heya Snowy  :)
Highwayman:    max went through the same thing, let it goo sirG
SnOwKuPP:    hugz everyone
MeL:    Yes SirG.. let it go
SnOwKuPP:    I'm putting up a castle now
MeL:    we dont care ot hear that kinda of talk tonight
Highwayman:    your soo vain.
Highwayman:    lol,the song
OklahomaTraveler:    You probably think this thong is about you..
Highwayman:    lol
MeL:    hahah
CharleyO:    I don't ever like to hear that kind of talk, MeL .... but...well, you know.
OklahomaTraveler plays tennis
CharleyO:    LOL OT
MeL:    I hear ya charley. its get old.. Quick
ren89:    what song? there is no music coming into my ears :(
CharleyO:    Too quick, MeL
OklahomaTraveler and loses..
MeL:    thre is a music board over here ren
OklahomaTraveler:    Ren, use the music machine
MeL:    by the dances
Highwayman:    im playing the msic center ren, big R radioo
SnOwKuPP:    wot did you want OT?
ren89:    where the DJ is?
MeL:    yes
SnOwKuPP:    oh duh
MeL:    the board in front of me
MeL:    click it
Highwayman:    cluds in my codffe
OklahomaTraveler:    This big board..
Highwayman:    coffe
ren89:    i'm clicking his turntables lool
Highwayman:    grr
CharleyO:    cluds in your coffee??
Highwayman:    lol, yes
ren89:    ah, cool ty :)
MeL:    =)
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL I could probably put a static music url there for those who don't want to use the music board..
CharleyO:    Nooo ... that's just awful, HWM!
Highwayman:    lots of different stations
Highwayman:    hey if you didnt notice, the classical music i was playing in my theater charley, seems it changed to a french statioon, but has english
OklahomaTraveler:    What's awful??? :O
CharleyO:    it has?
CharleyO:    Cluds in HWM's coffee, OT ... lol
Highwayman:    well thats what was playing when i went there, a few times
ren89:    you have no clothes on OT XDD
Highwayman:    OT is a free bird
ren89:    haha
Grell Sutcliffe:    He does that every friday
CharleyO:    LOL
ren89:    lmao :D
OklahomaTraveler:    What??
Highwayman:    least he shaves before he does,,lol
OklahomaTraveler:    I also grew.
OklahomaTraveler:    Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes!
CharleyO:    LOL
ren89:    scotty says nope :P
MeL:    brb
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Figures.. Scotty is like that.
Highwayman:    hey a few cameras, here would be really cool there OT
Bach Zhaa:    come here OT  you can hide behind me
ren89:    XD
Highwayman:    there=here
ren89:    who pooped a pig
ren89:    *popped
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Highwayman:    i didnt see the say this time
OklahomaTraveler:    I saw it that time. LOL
Bach Zhaa:    i didnt either
Highwayman:    lol
Grell Sutcliffe:    I didn't see it
Toxor:    i didn't either
SirGreendown:    I wonder if Cablecar Gal is gonna go to the Super Bowl this year?
SnOwKuPP:    hi man
Bach Zhaa:    its not even consistant?
Bach Zhaa:    O_o
Highwayman:    lol
Highwayman:    hi KUPP
Grell Sutcliffe:    I'm curious to try to pop a pig just to see what I'm missing
CharleyO:    <------- sings, "Who popped the pig ... who popped the pig .... we heard a noise, so .... Who popped the pig?"
SnOwKuPP:    did you eat everyone?
SirGreendown:    it's gonna be at the 49ers new stadium Levi's Stadium this year
SnOwKuPP:    lol
ren89:    haha
Highwayman:    nah, i ate before i came
OklahomaTraveler:    collide  say "You popped a pig!",
Bach Zhaa:    whats everyones vis on   mines 160
SirGreendown:    and I'm hoping the Kansas City Chiefs will be there with Alex Smith starting
Highwayman:    500
ren89:    not yet... might have a 5am snack though :P
CharleyO:    200 is the normal for me
Grell Sutcliffe:    130
CharleyO:    but i change it sometimes depending on where I am.
OklahomaTraveler:    I'm at 120 vis
Bach Zhaa:    yah  pig is within 100
OklahomaTraveler:    I tried to keep it pretty simple so it runs good on everyone's pc.
SirGreendown:    what better way to stick it to the 49ers for benching him for Colin Kaepernick and trading him to the Chiefs then for the Chiefs to play the Super Bowl at their new home
Highwayman:    here little piggie
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    And took out the talking pig. LOL
Highwayman:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    test it again OT  is it still going?
SnOwKuPP:    HI  nutty ones
SirGreendown:    James said his new laptop is very laggy
Bach Zhaa:    say aye if you see it
OklahomaTraveler:    Grell, it's the Angry Birds game.
Highwayman:    is this only one video OT?
OklahomaTraveler:    Bach, I took out the says already.
Bach Zhaa:    ahh  ok  :)
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, yeah.. think it's an hour and a half.  I have others on the blue signs if you want to change it up. :)
Grell Sutcliffe:    I understand the reference of the pig, but never played.
Highwayman:    cool
Highwayman:    i like long playing vidios
OklahomaTraveler:    I played a couple times, but only to make the game here. LOL
SirGreendown:    he has AW with him now at his dorm on his laptop
OklahomaTraveler:    :O Grell has her chainsaw!!!
Grell Sutcliffe:    I saw the says with the skiball
SirGreendown:    did you know 4 AW Citizens started college this year
Grell Sutcliffe:    I've had it here the entire time OT *chuckles*
Grell Sutcliffe:    I flvw over with it.
OklahomaTraveler:    The other says should only come on when someone is actually playing the game.  Angry birds reset physics everytime you got close, so it activated the says..
Grell Sutcliffe:    flew*
SirGreendown:    James., Blakey, Jonathan1515, and Conqueror are all starting college right now
Highwayman:    someone turn off the NEWS, i didnt come here to be bobmbarded by it?
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Grell, very cool!  I didn't notice though..
SirGreendown:    did you guys know that?
Bach Zhaa:    is the physics of the game global while the game is being played?
Grell Sutcliffe:    You were too busy dancing on your pole.
SirGreendown:    and I'm in college too
ren89:    i didnt know that SG
OklahomaTraveler:    Only after the game is started.
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Grell, you like me dancing on my pole though. :P
Bach Zhaa:    so everyone in the scene would see the collide event?
SirGreendown:    so AW has a lot of College students right now who started AW when they were younger
OklahomaTraveler:    I just knocked out the pitcher! LOL
SnOwKuPP:    like 6
ren89:    lol Grell has her chainsaw and OT his dancing pole :p
OklahomaTraveler:    Bach, everyone who hit the bump that activated the physics..
SirGreendown:    AWTeen and America are our preferred worlds
Bach Zhaa:    ah
Highwayman:    what physics?
OklahomaTraveler:    Interesting thought though..
Highwayman:    still noot gonna bump it
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, 90% of the games here are physics based games.
CharleyO:    try to get the second baseman, OT ... instant home run ....LOL
Bach Zhaa:    im wondering were the break occurs
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Just bump it, bump it..
Highwayman:    you have a bow and arrows game here OT?
SirGreendown:    although I personally really love building on Colony Alpha and Mars and cofmeta and abc and Pollen and Winter and Atlantis too
SnOwKuPP:    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
OklahomaTraveler:    Ya know, I've never hit the second baseman yet I don't think!
SirGreendown:    and buildingn in Alpha is enjoyable too
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, no, I have those in a lot of other places so didn't think I needed another one here.
Highwayman:    dern it
Bach Zhaa:    i would also want to test depending on whether you facing it or away.
SnOwKuPP:    works good
SirGreendown:    Alpha does have the prims and panels
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Why dern it?
SirGreendown:    and there are more people here
Highwayman:    i like the bows and arrows
SirGreendown:    so I do build here quite a bit
OklahomaTraveler:    Bach, next time you have time I'll put the says back in.
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, have you checked out all the games here?
Bach Zhaa:    has he tied physics strictly to the render window?   hmmm
Highwayman:    not yet, i will tho
SirGreendown:    but my builds on Alpha are not all in one area, I have many builds here all over
Highwayman:    right now im booging
OklahomaTraveler:    I have no idea.. really
Highwayman:    i have 3 days to wonder around
OklahomaTraveler:    You see that one?
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, plenty of time!
Highwayman:    woo hoo 3 day weekend!
SnOwKuPP burps
Highwayman:    cover ur mouth please.hehe
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    I have 4 areas reserved for good-sized builds in AlphaWorld including a thousands coord that doesn't have a Dornford's sign or ad
SnOwKuPP:    no
ren89:    lmao
OklahomaTraveler:    Bach, you see any of those says?
Highwayman:    lol
ren89 burps louder
SnOwKuPP:    want some?
Bach Zhaa:    stop covering land SG   lol
OklahomaTraveler sprays lysol at Snow and Ren!
ren89:    lool
Bach Zhaa:    I did not
CharleyO:    LOL
Highwayman:    i dont see any more says there OT
OklahomaTraveler:    k
Highwayman:    unless you count what ur
ren89:    ? a few says there
Highwayman:    oh there is one now
OklahomaTraveler:    Crash?
Highwayman:    yep
SirGreendown:    15000s 23000w there is AlphaWorld and its 3 moons there
Grell Sutcliffe:    I still don't see any.
Bach Zhaa:    nay
ren89:    alphaworld has moons? :o
SirGreendown:    of course
SirGreendown:    Alpha has 3 moons
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    That's interesting.. I didn't see a say playing the game, but you saw a say.. say, now I'm so confused.
ren89:    cool :) who built them?
Highwayman:    where did that come from?
OklahomaTraveler:    The say was from the lunar lander game.
CharleyO:    say what?
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    I got no say here..
ren89:    wow alpha as a world even has it;s own backstory and wiki
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, besides the says, what do you think of this?
Bach Zhaa:    lets just say that says are wonky with physics..   worries me about using it for other types of triggers.
ren89:    brb while i check out those 3 moons
OklahomaTraveler:    ko, hb..
CharleyO:    Oh I like the says best of all.
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, I'm going to see if I can say that the says will be solved by saying a different way to say say commands.
Bach Zhaa:    your the physics master OT   these games are seriously awesome.   you have pacman even  and like real games   lol
OklahomaTraveler:    :| LOL
CharleyO:    Actually, though, and seriously, I like the baseball game with the commentary.
OklahomaTraveler:    Worried that they'll be too hard to play.
Bach Zhaa:    nice
ren89:    this solar system that you build is neat SG
OklahomaTraveler:    Now the baseball game would be cool with says!
Bach Zhaa:    your the developer OT   its quite a set
OklahomaTraveler:    Depending on where the baseball collides, a different something could be done.. like, you're out.. or, you just sent the pitcher to the hospital!
Highwayman:    no more
Bach Zhaa:    could try to hide them behind one more layer   hmmm
CharleyO:    he swings ....  it's a line drive .... Oh, the bounces of the Royals second baseman ... that's gottas hurt .... and it's over the fence for a line drive home run!!!
ren89:    it's 5AM here soon so i'm going to say goodnight to you all and TC :) thank you for the TGIF party OT!
Highwayman:    tc ren
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night Ren
OklahomaTraveler:    I was thinking just have signs pop up. LOL
Bach Zhaa:    goodnight ren
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a great one Ren!
CharleyO:    G'night ren ....errr ... um ... Have a great day, ren!
Bach Zhaa:    that'd work too
Bach Zhaa:    comic book style   lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Exactly!
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    cool
MeL:    bk
OklahomaTraveler:    Shoot.
OklahomaTraveler:    I mean, wb cutie.. ;)
MeL:    ty
CharleyO:    WB MeL
MeL:    ty
SirGreendown:    wb MeL
Highwayman:    someone left and didnt punch out?
MeL:    ty
CharleyO:    Hi SuzyQ
Lazysuzy o:    hello everyone
SirGreendown hopes James and TommysZ show up soon
Highwayman:    suzy!
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Suzy!
Lazysuzy o:    HIGH!!!!!
Bach Zhaa:    wb Mel  heya suzy   :)
Highwayman:    there it goes again
SirGreendown:    hi Suzy
Lazysuzy o:    DERP bach
Lazysuzy o:    hello OT
Highwayman:    uncontrolable laughing..hehe
Lazysuzy o:    there goes what again?
Lazysuzy o:    oh that
Lazysuzy o:    well um cant help ya there
Highwayman:    lol
Lazysuzy o:    maybe mel can help ya ther
Highwayman:    doctor says he cant help me
CharleyO:    LOL
Zephyr Fox:    hello everyone
CharleyO:    Hi ZF
Highwayman:    zeph
MeL:    Howdy Zep ,  and yes, you missed the game  =)
Lazysuzy o:    what game?
Zephyr Fox:    darn anain
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Fox!
Zephyr Fox:    ^again
SirGreendown:    how is it that I can build fine in darker worlds yet some peoplehave troubles with them?
Zephyr Fox:    Hey ya OT
Bach Zhaa:    heya Zephyr
CharleyO:    LOL
MeL:    haha
OklahomaTraveler grins at Highway..
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    And he's afk.. :|
Highwayman:    thats weird, i cant click the cubes ans globes now?
OklahomaTraveler:    Click the orange sign - reset dance objects
OklahomaTraveler:    Something that is cool too.. if a video is playing and you get right up next to one of the cubes, the video on the cube stops
SirGreendown:    I sort of think it partly has to do with day-night cycles being perceived as normal to me
Highwayman:    that didnt work
OklahomaTraveler:    That should have reset the physics.
SirGreendown:    that may be why I'm more comfortable with dark worlds like Pollen, Winter, and cofmeta
MeL:    if you turn a certain way. 9 sideways) kinda.. the videow ill stop too
Highwayman:    woorked fine when i just got here
Bach Zhaa:    welcome to AW highway
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Mel, the video has pauses in it anyway.. not sure why.
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Bach, exactly.
SirGreendown:    although there is one world that sorta defies logic
Lazysuzy o:    bach probably derp it
OklahomaTraveler:    Bach Zhderpaa..
MeL:    Suzy derp on it when she landed
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    Colony Alpha has a black sky BUT is as bright as Alpha for building
Highwayman:    it probaly whats more quarters, but in fresh out
Lazysuzy o:    nnnnnnooooooooooooo
Lazysuzy o:    bach did  it
Lazysuzy o:    he the derp one
Highwayman:    im*
OklahomaTraveler:    I made a derp earlier, but we can't talk about that here.
SirGreendown:    although I'd say AWTeen currently has the best lighting for building because of Alpha's fog
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Quarters
Bach Zhaa:    you clean it up?  o_o
Highwayman:    before or after you took ur clothes off?
OklahomaTraveler:    No, I left it.. better for the composderp heap.
Bach Zhaa:    Im not cleaning derp off the carpet again OT
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, before, unfortunately.  That's why I had to take my clothes off.
Highwayman:    OT is a butt carpet rubber?.lol
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL It's alright, Mel will clean it up. ;)
Bach Zhaa:    lol
MeL:    nauh
Bach Zhaa:    uhhuh
MeL:    noooo
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    ur turn
SirGreendown:    I got a cell phone today
Highwayman:    oh, check out kupp
MeL:    mutes bach
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    u <3 me
SirGreendown:    now I'm texting my mom
Highwayman:    this is a no wandering zone
SnOwKuPP:    hey HWM
Bach Zhaa:    :O
MeL:    :D
SirGreendown:    today is the first time I've ever texted
SnOwKuPP:    wots up?
MeL:    ok its that time... Yall take it easy G' Night.
SirGreendown:    I have my own iPhone now
MeL:    Great Party OT
OklahomaTraveler:    ah.. much better.
SirGreendown:    nite MeL
Highwayman:    i ment about ur attire kupp
SirGreendown:    it is exciting
SnOwKuPP:    good might MeL
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a great one Mel!  Thanks for everything!
Bach Zhaa:    and grell came armed   O_O
SnOwKuPP:    hugz
CharleyO:    G'night MeL ... sleep well
Highwayman:    tc mel
OklahomaTraveler:    Green, seriously?
Bach Zhaa:    goodnight Mel  :)  thanks again
SirGreendown:    yeah, I have my first cell phone, of course I'm excited about it
Bach Zhaa:    very cool SG
SnOwKuPP:    lol
SirGreendown:    my parents made me wait until I was 20
OklahomaTraveler:    That's awesome!  Just watch those data limits. ;)
SirGreendown:    yeah, it'll be like Tree Saw
SirGreendown:    she uses AW on a Windows Phone doesn't she?
OklahomaTraveler:    When I was 20, I had a cord phone that wouldn't work.. we used smoke signals.
Tree Saw:    NO Greendown
Tree Saw:    i use a laptop
SnOwKuPP:    bahahaha
Tree Saw:    with a wifi mifi moden..thats all
SirGreendown:    but you have Data Limits
Tree Saw:    im chatting locally to SP at LZ
Highwayman:    i used pony express when i was 20
OklahomaTraveler:    SP?
Tree Saw:    back to black font K    :D
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO Highway
Tree Saw:    silly putty
Highwayman:    hehe
Tree Saw:    i like chatting with a woman who understands me SP
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Tree Saw:    yes i have limits
Highwayman:    oh wait that was another life, sorry
Keshi:    hey  CLeet
Tree Saw:    im operating on about 30 meg left at the moment
OklahomaTraveler:    I just like chatting with women. ;)
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Highway, close enough..
Keshi:    hahahaha  OT
SnOwKuPP:    lol
Keshi:    not much
SirGreendown:    I got a text from my sister, she put emojis on it
Tree Saw:    silly puty and i have been chatting away here
Bach Zhaa:    hey Keshi
SirGreendown:    so now I have her on my contacts
Keshi:    popping in for a  quick visit before bed
Tree Saw:    among your red lettered text :)
Keshi:    hey BZ
OklahomaTraveler:    Emojis sounds like some japanese anime character.
Tree Saw:    NOT at all  lol
SnOwKuPP:    hi Keshi
Tree Saw:    Hi Keshi
CharleyO:    Hi to everyone that came in while i wasn't paying attention ..... the cost got too high .......LOL
Highwayman:    dances in the pink globe
Tree Saw:    keshi the people at the party cant see you
Tree Saw:    theyre out of range
OklahomaTraveler:    Cost too high? :O
Highwayman:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    she's red lettered TS
Tree Saw:    even if they have global chat on..if youre chatting local chat, are you keshi?
OklahomaTraveler:    Stupid tennis game!
Tree Saw:    Ok  shes got hers clicked then Bach  :)
Keshi:    well  do you see my type as red ?
Tree Saw:    lol me too SP   back to local so we dont interupt your partayyyyyyy =D
Highwayman:    hope bob barker doont see the plinko game here, he may just hit you for having it
Tree Saw:    youre black to me but thats cuz youre in MY range
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO Maybe.. probably.. but I thought it was fun. :D
Keshi:    right  but i am on global so i see me as  red
SirGreendown:    hello folks
Tree Saw:    sorry...i forget that you could have global on    ..thats all
SirGreendown:    noooooo
SirGreendown:    don't go Putty
Tree Saw:    thanks for your time
SirGreendown:    nite I guess
Tree Saw:    =D
Highwayman:    he gets violent when he plays golf, yo never know...lool
Keshi:    thansk ot
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    Hey Keshi!! :D
SnOwKuPP:    going home
Tree Saw:    its late for us old ladies  Greeny  lol
Keshi:    hiya  Snow
Tree Saw:    in eastern and central time zone
Keshi:    Hi  Charley
SirGreendown:    I'm in Central ya know
Tree Saw:    we were zoning though
Highwayman:    oh sorry, dances in the bbblegum
SirGreendown:    but I am a night owl
Tree Saw:    yah but youre a 20 yr old boy
Highwayman:    buubblegum*
Tree Saw:    and a night owl :D
CharleyO:    Hi Keshi
OklahomaTraveler:    Bubblegum?
Tree Saw:    hi ya Charley O while im under globAL
Highwayman:    thats what it says the pic
CharleyO:    Hi Tree Saw
Tree Saw:    and OT..and bach and MEL went to be early tongith  wow
Tree Saw:    and hwm
Tree Saw:    and..gee i said hi to all of you earlier    lol but you couldn see it hee heee
SaintlyMic:    Which causes more lag? An object or a PE?
Highwayman:    Aleix_Gordo_Hostau_Bubblegum_World.jpg
OklahomaTraveler:    :I I went to bed early? :O
Bach Zhaa:    depends
Tree Saw:    no  MEL did ...OT
SirGreendown:    Bach and OKT and Hwm are still up Tree Saw
OklahomaTraveler:    I don't wear depends.. LOL
Bach Zhaa:    whats the object, whats the PE
Tree Saw:    i know..they prolly had naps
SirGreendown:    Alex Gordon?
Keshi:    Folks  i  am not staying have a good  night   hope to see you again soon
SaintlyMic:    I have neither. LOL.
Keshi:    nite nite
Highwayman:    wouldnt that DEPEND if yo were dressed ot not OT?
Tree Saw:    and didnt spend ALL day here like i did
Bach Zhaa:    its that close..  so there isnt a standard that way
Grell Sutcliffe:    Good night Keshi
CharleyO:    G'night Keshi ... sleep well
Tree Saw:    im stoked but i know its time to cut myself off  : )))
Bach Zhaa:    nite Keshi
Tree Saw:    Nite Keshi
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, It all depends on if the depends fit or not.
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a great one Kesh
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Highwayman:    lol
Tree Saw:    its me back  lol   typing hurts without a comuter table and computer chair   hehe
OklahomaTraveler:    You type with a computer chair?
Tree Saw:    Cya all...youre wonderfulllllll
SaintlyMic:    Is there a grass PE I could use for my parking lot for my maze? I was thinking of using a flowing grass in the curb areas of my parking lot.
Tree Saw:    I type in a precarious spot OT
CharleyO:    G'night tree ... sleep well
Tree Saw:    i got rid of my PC chair   (grrrrr's)
OklahomaTraveler:    Not in AW.. there are in other words though.
Bach Zhaa:    bye TS   :)  rest well
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Tree.. Have a great one!
Tree Saw:    ty Charly   TY
Tree Saw:    TY BACH  you toooo
Tree Saw:    TY OT    ttys tomorrow   Bite me  lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway, fly-dancin'..
Tree Saw:    hehehe
Highwayman:    i was juust lookin
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Feel free.. was just funny fly-dancin.
Highwayman:    rock the boat
OklahomaTraveler:    I need Grells chainsaw here somewhere.. :P
Highwayman:    silver convention
Highwayman:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa backs away slowly
Highwayman:    lol
CharleyO:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Just because.. umm.. cutting trees and such.. er.. umm...
CharleyO:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    I was going to cook some catlegs tonight but didn't have a knife big enough to take care of it.
Bach Zhaa:    vrooom
OklahomaTraveler:    Uh-oh..
Bach Zhaa:    :O
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    They call me Traveler Gogh now.
Bach Zhaa:    say again?
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    again?
SaintlyMic:    I have been searching for a really good note program, not a notepad program. Last night I found this really simple but good one called Memento. I can put 2 notes up at the same time with different things to copy and paste. No more using the description.
CharleyO:    LOL OT
CharleyO:    how about Gogh Traveler?
Highwayman:    i need more food
OklahomaTraveler:    Okla Van Trav Gogh?
Bach Zhaa:    very cool..
CharleyO:    LOL ... even better
OklahomaTraveler:    Very cool?  What, that I cut off my ear?  Thanks..
Bach Zhaa:    do you have yourself as a contact?   when you do, you can use the telegram the same way
Bach Zhaa:    telegram yourself
Highwayman:    reminders?
Bach Zhaa:    or just use the notepad part
OklahomaTraveler telegraphs OklahomaTraveler: Get Telegrams.
CharleyO:    I've done that many times, bach
Highwayman:    no dirty words tho
Bach Zhaa:    the handyiest tool I have is a clipboard manager..  so I can save all the copy I have and go back
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler whistles..
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    I have notepad pinned to my taskbar then use filebox extender to layer it to the top corner of my screen.
Highwayman:    hmm, reminds me i have a say at my birthday club, wonder if doesnt show for folks?
Highwayman:    gloobaly tthatt is
CharleyO:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    If it doesn't contain physics it should work fine, I'd imagine.
Highwayman:    k
Bach Zhaa:    yah so far it just with a physics trigger
OklahomaTraveler:    I have a lot going on with these games though.
Highwayman:    well the corner store is calling me, bbs...
Bach Zhaa:    hb
OklahomaTraveler:    ko, have a good one Highway!
CharleyO:    hb
OklahomaTraveler:    One of these days, when there's more time, I want to get someone to help test out battleship.  I still haven't actually played it.
CharleyO:    Just "say" when, OT
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    bahahaha
CharleyO:    LOL
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    Wonder why it does say twice..
Bach Zhaa:    you scare me grell   you silky white legs say come here but your chainsaw says go away..   o_o
CharleyO:    LOL Bach
Bach Zhaa:    it say once here
Bach Zhaa:    spose so..
Bach Zhaa:    white after labor day and all
Bach Zhaa:    or was that easter
Bach Zhaa:    lol
CharleyO:    wait until after thanksgiving
Bach Zhaa:    something moody   :o
Bach Zhaa hides in the fountain
CharleyO:    Oh my, Grell ... what a Big ....... chainsaw you have.
OklahomaTraveler:    Apparently, I still have my Urbane Chaos account!
Bach Zhaa:    O_O
Bach Zhaa:    srs
CharleyO:    YW ... I think .... lol
CharleyO:    No, not at all
Bach Zhaa:    with those long white legs and tight red butt, absolutely
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah.. just have to hunt down what email I used..
CharleyO:    LOL Bach
SirGreendown:    go to Colony @ Sci-Fi on Mars Bach
Bach Zhaa:    so come closer so I dont have to squint   lol
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Hmmm...
OklahomaTraveler:    Grell, behind you.
CharleyO:    LOL
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    Mars 1693.43N 1703.73W 0.21a 0 a very nice build by OT under the account Urbane Chaos
Bach Zhaa:    a 2 fer
OklahomaTraveler:    Oh, nothing.
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    Green, thanks for showing that to me!  I gave up on it a long time ago..
SirGreendown:    even has a couple physics games
SirGreendown:    you're welcome
SirGreendown:    it was easy to find when it's on the Homepage for Mars
Bach Zhaa:    yah  OT   UC  has been doing this a long time
OklahomaTraveler:    I miss the old UC account..
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler whistles innocently.
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Grell, I wasn't doing anything, I swear..
OklahomaTraveler:    Charley made me do it.
Bach Zhaa:    dont trust em   o_o
SirGreendown:    yep, I knew he had an account that was given to someone else, but I didn't know he had another account with the Urbane Chaos name
OklahomaTraveler:    I never trust Charley!
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    Really, I didn't.. not that I know of anyway.  Should all be one account.. which makes me wonder if it's still around now.
CharleyO:    me, I'm the most trustworthy person that's nearby .... lol
SirGreendown:    one of shli's accounts was given to someone else and became Koll, when shli got her first account back
OklahomaTraveler:    HA!
OklahomaTraveler:    Oh, I mean..
CharleyO:    LOL
Bach Zhaa:    yah  just one Urbane Chaos.   on my list
Bach Zhaa:    (with a dot)
OklahomaTraveler:    I let someone borrow it to try it out, but, we see how that went. :|
OklahomaTraveler:    With a dot?
Bach Zhaa:    yes
SirGreendown:    366165 Urbane Chaos with no dot
Bach Zhaa:    lol  366947  here
SirGreendown:    366947 Urbane Chaos. with a dot
OklahomaTraveler:    hmm.. I wonder if the dot one was later.. or earlier.. heck, I don't remember.
Bach Zhaa:    later
SirGreendown:    so there you have 2 Urbane Chaos accounts still
OklahomaTraveler:    So what the carp.. ?
CharleyO:    with the numbers, dot would have been later.
OklahomaTraveler:    I don't remember having two.
OklahomaTraveler:    I wonder if Monkey Dancer is still around. LOL
CharleyO:    Hi Chumana
Bach Zhaa:    I only have the one  so all during the awtours work, you had the dot
SirGreendown:    blur is on
OklahomaTraveler:    That would be good then.
SirGreendown:    blur is cool, he won a CY in 1999
OklahomaTraveler:    I lost a lot of stuff when that happened, which aggravated me, but nothing can be done about it now..
Bach Zhaa:    Skiball: 10 Points!
OklahomaTraveler:    Ya know, as long as I've been on AW, I've never won a CY. :O
OklahomaTraveler:    I didn't see Skiball
SirGreendown:    which reminds me, I need to add the CY winners to the Expo as teleports
CharleyO:    Sigh .... no CY for OT .... sigh
SirGreendown:    you and I both deserve CYs OT
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Not that it matters any. :P
OklahomaTraveler:    You deserve them.. not me, I try to stay incognito when it comes to that stuff.
SirGreendown:    I have some good friends who are CY winners.
SirGreendown waits for the person I want to respond to respond
Bach Zhaa:    ;D
OklahomaTraveler:    The CY awards used to be a big deal.. long time ago.
Chumana:    now i know what OT does all day... this place is cool dude :)
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Chu  Thanks..
Bach Zhaa:    Cy's are overrated..  but it makes me a hypocrite to say anything so Im being quiet
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL I can say anything I guess then..
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    luckily Kuma Bear won a CY
Bach Zhaa:    popularity contest
Bach Zhaa:    name recognition, vote for your friends contest
Bach Zhaa:    yay
Bach Zhaa:    imho  v_v
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, I've never cared for that.  I get enough of that carp in the real world.
SirGreendown:    I hope people would rather vote for me than for The Courier for best Town
Bach Zhaa:    make sure they get nominated
SirGreendown:    It would kill me to see a town with a flag resembling an Iceman flag win a CY
Bach Zhaa:    dont expect someone else to niminate
CharleyO:    it's a good party time, though
OklahomaTraveler:    What's a good party time? :O
CharleyO:    The Cy Awards
Bach Zhaa:    ya..  see us all together   :)
Highwayman:    back
OklahomaTraveler:    OH yeah.. LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    wb Highway
Highwayman:    ty
CharleyO:    WB HWM
Highwayman:    ty
Highwayman:    hmm, seems i need to bounce
OklahomaTraveler:    Anything that brings everyone together is good.. I just never got into the Cy's though.
OklahomaTraveler:    Why bounce?
CharleyO:    Boing
SirGreendown:    I'd be okay with losing a CY to Kuma for best town, she is a friend of mine, I'd probably vote for her, but if The Courier won a CY I would be devastated
Highwayman:    lol
SirGreendown:    I worry Fantasia will win the CY that is rightfully Phoenix City's
SirGreendown:    I don't think Icemen deserve CY awards
OklahomaTraveler:    Are the Cy's even still around?
Bach Zhaa:    not sure..  ask max and nursemom
Bach Zhaa:    o_o
CharleyO:    So we can party all together .... lol
SirGreendown:    The Courier sure loves to promote the Iceman Clan
Bach Zhaa:    so dont you
Bach Zhaa:    o_o
CharleyO:    Way too much
OklahomaTraveler:    Not a big deal.. sure we can come up with another big idea to party together. :D
SirGreendown:    no, I love to continually badmouth them
Highwayman:    do i need to use my mute button?
Bach Zhaa:    lol
OklahomaTraveler mutes OklahomaTraveler
Bach Zhaa:    not sure yet, hang on..
OklahomaTraveler:    Whacking moles..
Highwayman:    guess bach is woring out a path where is is wandering ?
OklahomaTraveler:    He does that.. LOL
Highwayman:    hi chummana
CharleyO:    Whack a mole ... whack a mole ... don't you just love it ... whack a mole ... whack a mole ............................................
SirGreendown:    it isn't so much that they hurt me moreso than they hurt my friends
OklahomaTraveler:    Mana from Heaven!
Bach Zhaa:    think about it this way..  if you found it offensive then most likely we do too..  so it doesnt deserve repeating
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL I love whacking moles.. it's almost as much fun as whacking cats. :D
CharleyO:    LOL
OklahomaTraveler:    ROOOWwwwwwwwwwerrrrrrererererrrrrrr....
Highwayman:    is it beeter then wacking, umm
OklahomaTraveler:    *WHACK!
OklahomaTraveler:    Purp.
Bach Zhaa:    :o
CharleyO:    There's the pitch ... it's a home run over the right fence
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Purp.  The sound a cat makes when it's suddenly and swiftly whacked in the side. :D
Bach Zhaa:    show me  :D
OklahomaTraveler:    And you made me miss whacking my mole. :O
Bach Zhaa:    lol
CharleyO:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    eh?
CharleyO:    it's a hit ... oh, it beened the Royals second baseman on the noggin .... it bounces off his head ....and ... it's a home run!!!
OklahomaTraveler:    And the second baseman is dead!
CharleyO:    he's not getting up, folks .... he's done for .....
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Bach Zhaa plays taps
SirGreendown:    Omar Infante
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, with his head detached from his body.. that's probably a good indicator of something.
SirGreendown:    RIP Omar Infante
CharleyO:    LOL OT
Chumana:    oops, i just lost two balls
SirGreendown:    you weren't even that great anyway, but you were in the All-Star Game, Ben Zobrist will do better than you
SirGreendown:    where is Candyland at?
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, thanks for coming to check this out.. I've enjoyed the party. :D
Bach Zhaa:    :o
Bach Zhaa:    *points
Highwayman:    is it me or do these games dont work?
CharleyO:    It must be you.
SirGreendown:    it is you Highwayman
Bach Zhaa:    your physics crashed highway..  need to restart aw to restart the physics engine
OklahomaTraveler:    They were all tested and approved.
Highwayman:    well i press the green square, the pole goes up, nothing
Bach Zhaa:    yah  the ball falls
Highwayman:    bouncing wont help?
Bach Zhaa:    no
Highwayman:    lol
OklahomaTraveler:    Red button always resets..
SirGreendown:    OT this is what you gave James.
Bach Zhaa:    :\
OklahomaTraveler:    Green, yeah..
Bach Zhaa:    the physics engine is entirely seperate
OklahomaTraveler:    It's a good cheat to have. :)
SirGreendown:    James. got some help with a Toy Story Mania mock-up
SirGreendown hopes TommysZ shows up soon
OklahomaTraveler:    Only one physics crash out of everyone here isn't bad..
Highwayman:    oh the ball got away
OklahomaTraveler:    Have a good one Grell, thanks for coming!
CharleyO:    G'night Grell ... sleep well
Bach Zhaa:    goodnight Grell   thanks for the distraction  ;D
Chumana:    sleep well, Grell
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL Bach
SirGreendown:    nite Grell
Highwayman:    oh it's suppose to
Bach Zhaa:    working highway?
Highwayman:    yep
CharleyO:    Who's winning the Billi-yards game?
OklahomaTraveler:    Red always resets, green is always go, and the arrows always move..
OklahomaTraveler:    Zephyr has been playing a long time.. or fell asleep. LOl
CharleyO:    lol
SirGreendown refuses to play the volcano game until the Image URL is changed
Highwayman:    strike!
Bach Zhaa:    the physics engine is entirely seperate to the browser almost..  thats why LOTS of physics wont slow frame rate..  only the physics slows.  it can crash seperately too.
OklahomaTraveler:    That bowling game is kinda cheesy. :/
Highwayman:    lol
Chumana:    OT is cheesy
OklahomaTraveler:    Well, we know that. :P
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    I have Bowling on Colony Alpha ya know
CharleyO:    LOL Chumana
OklahomaTraveler:    Physics bowling?
SirGreendown:    yes with Physics indeed
OklahomaTraveler:    Cool!
SirGreendown:    best part about it is the polar opposite of Unfair Mario
OklahomaTraveler:    Chumana, I win. :P
OklahomaTraveler:    I was clicking too.. LOL
SirGreendown:    everyone gets a Strike every time
Chumana:    :P
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Chumana:    i was wondering
Chumana:    cheesehead
OklahomaTraveler:    hehehe
CharleyO:    lol
Chumana:    are you playing the ghostess with the mostess?
OklahomaTraveler:    There's a couple of these games that are two player.  I've played connect four a few times, always kinda fun. :D
SirGreendown:    Chiefs will shock the world and beat Green Bay on Monday night in week 3 and then again in Super Bowl 50
OklahomaTraveler:    Wondering if Highway got battleship figured out.
SirGreendown:    we'll beat the Broncos too
TommysZ:    Again with the sports :P
TommysZ:    Hallo Sir
Highwayman:    well i knocked one fly out
Bach Zhaa:    hi Tommy
SirGreendown:    I hope Peyton Manning plays because Brock Osweiler looks better than Peyton and we may win if washed-up 40 year-old has been Peyton Manning plays for the Broncos instead of young up and coming Brock Osweiler
Bach Zhaa:    lol
SirGreendown:    hi Tommy
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL That's better than most.. Took me a couple hours but I got them all one day.  Haven't played it since.
CharleyO:    Hi Tommy
SirGreendown:    but I predict Peyton Manning will get benched for Brock Osweiler sometime this year and will retire
SirGreendown:    and in 5 years he'll be guaranteed a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
SirGreendown:    Peyton Manning is after all one of the all time greatest players in the history of the sport
OklahomaTraveler:    This back here is a bunch of concept carp that only half works..
TommysZ:    Was your day a good day, Sir?
TommysZ:    And how was your day, Charley? :)
CharleyO:    A nice day overall, Tommy
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL
SirGreendown:    yeah
SirGreendown:    I got my first cell phone
TommysZ:    Your first!
TommysZ:    Is it a smartphone or a mobile?
SirGreendown:    an iPhone
SirGreendown:    so it is a smartphone of course
OklahomaTraveler:    Highway cheated.
TommysZ:    Oh yes indeed
TommysZ:    I had an iPhone 4 for 4 years.
TommysZ:    Finally this year, i got myself a 6 Plus
TommysZ:    It is soooo much bigger, i wouldn't call the iPhone 4 a screen anymore.
TommysZ:    It happens when ya get somethin' new, you just not so impressed by what you been using for years anymore. Except with games, they never get old.
Highwayman:    moi?, i never cheat
OklahomaTraveler:    LOL
TommysZ:    CHEATER
TommysZ just shouts.
SirGreendown:  Tom Brady, a CHEATER
TommysZ:    He looks like a computerguy
TommysZ:    But i assume he is big in the sportworld :P
OklahomaTraveler:    With unlimited cell space, I could probably build the game of GO
TommysZ:    Oklahoma?
OklahomaTraveler:    TommysZ?
CharleyO:    Wow ... I can't believe HWM would cheat, but then, I can't believe OT would lie.???
TommysZ:    Do you own a world? (:
OklahomaTraveler:    LMAO
SirGreendown:    never mind he has won 4 Super Bowls as Quarterback of the New England Patriots
OklahomaTraveler:    Yeah, I do.. it's not really open though.
TommysZ:    Charley, keep believing! That's what i'd say.
CharleyO:    LOL Tommy
TommysZ:    How do you host your world, Okla?
SirGreendown:    Tom Brady's wife isn Gisele Bundchen
TommysZ:    Ya see, i bought a P-10 yesterday. Just a cozy meet up... now i have no clue what to do.
OklahomaTraveler:    Carefully... LOL Someone else does it for me.
Bach Zhaa:    groups.   that is essentually unlimited cell space
TommysZ:    Oooh nice
CharleyO:    Build a meeting house ... or convention center.
OklahomaTraveler:    True..
TommysZ:    I can't build because i can not enter, it's not hosted xD haha
Highwayman:    umm the over head camera is too low
TommysZ:    I was like; YES, my first world in AW. It'll be just as good as in AWE & 3DEE!
CharleyO:    O_O
TommysZ:    But nah... can't even enter D:
Bach Zhaa:    my original digital clock had over 900 objects  lol   kumas is better   groups was the only way it could be brought in
CharleyO:    See NurseMom for hosting.
Highwayman:    if you can locate her...
TommysZ:    Is it possible to host myself until i get in touch with her?
TommysZ:    Because i leave my PC on day & night ya see, for others programs...
OklahomaTraveler:    Dunno if I have time right now though..
CharleyO:    You can ... but do you have an Object path also?
TommysZ:    I have a backup of all my past objects
Bach Zhaa:    yerp..   I have a few things hanging out myself
TommysZ:    They include some paid for by StarHeart so i wish to use that
TommysZ:    But my site went down over time, i did not use it no more so i cancelled
Bach Zhaa:    nice  he does nice work
TommysZ:    Probably should get a server... not free though, that won't be enough space.
Highwayman:    the insides of your pockets?
CharleyO:    yes, he does
TommysZ:    Not server i mean uhhm...
TommysZ:    FTPS? Fps...
TommysZ:    Idk
TommysZ:    What you save files into a website
TommysZ:    :P
Highwayman:    who does nice work?
Bach Zhaa:    star
CharleyO:    Starheart
Highwayman:    ahh
TommysZ:    Oh yes indeed! I adore it, alot of his premade building have an Amsterdam-look to it
Highwayman:    makes money too
OklahomaTraveler:    Think it's bedtime for me..
Bach Zhaa:    goodnight OT
SirGreendown:    nite OT
Highwayman:    yeah same here, got room?
OklahomaTraveler:    Thanks for coming and checking all of this out!! It's been fun!
CharleyO:    G'night OT ... rest and sleep\
OklahomaTraveler:    Catch ya'll later on.. :)
Bach Zhaa:    this is cool   rest well
Chumana:    sleep well dude
TommysZ:    Have a good sleep, Oklahoma!
Bach Zhaa:    lets steal everything while he's gone  lol
CharleyO:    LOL Bach ... and he comes back to an empty lot ....LOL
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Chumana:    lol
Bach Zhaa:    leave like a single christmas ornament and a single strand of tinsil   lol
Bach Zhaa:    ok maybe not
Bach Zhaa:    lol
Chumana:    lol
CharleyO:    or a sign that "says" ...... Happy halloween!
Bach Zhaa:    and a creaking noise
Bach Zhaa:    a howl maybe
CharleyO:    lol
SirGreendown:    I'm gonna build a house on cofmeta
SirGreendown:    anyone want to join me and watch
Bach Zhaa:    you know me,  Ill probably wander off and build something
Bach Zhaa:    wanna see candyland start before you go?
CharleyO:    LOL Chumana ... see ya later
Bach Zhaa:    still kinda working out the look
Bach Zhaa:    oh  he left
CharleyO:    Yep
Bach Zhaa:    its down the street from here   lol
CharleyO:    which direction?
Bach Zhaa:    highway east
Bach Zhaa:    not far
TheTraveLer:    is drinking a beer smoothie a thing?
Bach Zhaa:    seen the highway yet?
TheTraveLer:    like beer and ice
TheTraveLer:    in a blender
TheTraveLer:    i feel like that would be really good
CharleyO:    Yep ... I've run over it a bit
TheTraveLer:    ya you're probably right
TheTraveLer:    just freeze the beer into cubes then?
TheTraveLer:    will beer freeze?
TheTraveLer:    i feel like the smoothie thing would be cool
Bach Zhaa:    yeah..  needs to be higher alcohol to not..  a can of beer can explode in the freezer..  trust me   lol
TheTraveLer:    texture wise
Bach Zhaa:    hi traveler
TheTraveLer:    ooo that sounds good
TheTraveLer:    hi bach
TheTraveLer:    you'd probably lose the carbonation
TheTraveLer:    :-/
Bach Zhaa:    yah
Bach Zhaa:    lots of kinds of beer tho
LizLiz:    KKson I going to sleep now
Good Person:    boo anybody home lol
Good Person:    ok you all wake up lol
Bach Zhaa:    :P
perra:    :D
Good Person:    lol Bach
Good Person:    on no its perra lol
perra:    oh no its brat
perra:    waves to all
Bach Zhaa:    o/
Good Person:    waves to all brats lol
perra:    do you wave to your self ? lol
Good Person:    lol perra
perra:    hehe
Good Person:    pokes kk lol
perra:    so it is quiet in here
Good Person:    no kidding
Bach Zhaa:    tgif earlier
perra:    am not kidding lol
Bach Zhaa:    just a lull

I awoke this morning to find that I had indeed passed out again, this time I did so right in the middle of a billiard game.   Can you imagine if I had done this at a bar last night in the real world?  I suppose I would have awoken much less pleasantly.   As you can see tonight's TGIF's acronyms contest was won again by OklahomaTraveler, and is the recipient of the 500 MyAW award PTZs. 

So if you haven't stopped by yet to try out the games, why not?  You may even win some MyAW award PTZs.